Top Tips for Helping Your Child With Maths

Maths can be tricky for a lot of us and comes more naturally to some students in comparison to others. Whatever we think of maths, though it’s an important part of our school curriculums, that’s here to stay, and your child might need some help with their studies.

Here are some top tips from a top girls prep school in Surrey to help your child with their maths skills.

Online resources

As a lot of resources are these days, and they’re full of great information for children. BBC Bitesize is a very famous one that categorises maths questions into their relevant key stages depending on where your child is at in their studies.

Reciting games

Practice, practice, practice is not just a saying. It’s key that your child continues to practice their sums, counting, and so on so that they’re prepared for school assignments. Good ways to do this include:


  • Asking your child to count when they do a star jump, clap, etc.
  • Ask them to recite their times tables at the table before dinner
  • Cut out numbers from magazines and newspapers – let your child order them

Real-life tests

When you’re out and about you can get your child to practice their sums on the go. For example, let them calculate a bill when you’re at a restaurant, or make them remember an ice cream order for their friends and family.

Another good way of tracking how your child’s doing in their maths skills is when baking a cake. There’s often a lot of measuring and temperature gauging involved that will work your child’s mental maths.

Use maths games

Gamify your child’s experience with maths and they’re more likely to get involved. Board games are great for this – add a board game session to your weeks to see how your child gets on. Games like Monopoly, Dominoes, Card games are awesome examples of this. You can also use a variety of app games on your smartphone or tablet – there are many games where the child is running a restaurant and has to calculate bills for customers.






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