Planning a Trip to the Walt Disney World? What you should know

To most people, there’s nothing more magical than planning a trip to Disney World. What with all the fairytales, castles, and thrills your favorite animated characters brought to you. They come to life in Walt Disney World.

However, as prices rise each passing year, planning for this trip is becoming more costly for families, couples, and friends to take.

So, how can you make the most of your Walt Disney World trip without overspending?

Our team compiled some great strategies to help you have the best experience and maximize your time when visiting this magical place this year. Read on:

Planning Your Disney World Trip – Tickets

Make no mistake, getting Walt Disney World Tickets can be one of the hardest things you ever do, especially during the peak seasons. Everyone wants a piece of the fun and share of this amazing experience.

When planning for your tickets, you need to decide how many days or partial days you plan to spend in the parks. One great advantage of staying longer is that you get to pay less per day.

You should also note that patrial day visits use whole-day tickets, and most guests prefer to use partial-day tickets for their first or last days, depending on the departure times.

Another critical factor in deciding which ticket type is best for you. There are two types of tickets you can buy for your trip. These are the base tickets, which allow you to visit only one theme park per day. They are also the most affordable.

The Park Hopper tickets allow you access to multiple theme parks every day. However, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets to enjoy this privilege.

Every ticket type has an option to upgrade to allow you access to more Disney water parks and other great experiences. The type of ticket you have determines the types of activities and parks you can visit. So, plan carefully.

Planning for Transportation

How to get to Disney World is perhaps one of the most asked questions by many guests. Visitors from the East Coast can drive to Walt Disney World Resort, but most guests travel by flight. We also highly encourage you to book your flights in advance to avoid any inconveniences.

With so many changes and the need for flexibility since the pandemic hit, it is becoming much easier for guests to receive updates in advance and book their flights without much fuss. After all, there’s nothing more stressful than planning for “the best day and experience of your life” then getting cut short because of a mix-up at the airline.

Once you’re on the Disney World Resort property, transportation gets easier. All transportation between theme parks, hotels, and Disney Springs is included in every package. Transportation options also vary depending on which park or hotel you are traveling to/from. You will find buses, monorails, boats, and our all-time favorite, the Disney Skyliner gondola system.

The Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World – Crowds

Admittedly, no one wants to visit Disney World alone or find themselves and their family members in the park alone. You will want other people around you who want to share in on the fun. However, an overcrowded Walt Disney World is something entirely different.

Predicting crowd levels is one of the trickiest things at Disney World. But there are specific seasons and times of the year when visitors are much fewer, allowing you more time and space to enjoy the maximum Disney experience with your favorite animation characters.

With the current pandemic situation, Walt Disney World has set a limited capacity for all theme park reservations. However, theme parks are still busy as people from across the globe queue up to get reservations and bookings due to the physical distancing protocols.

We anticipate that Disney World will gradually start increasing its overall capacity. So typically, the earlier you can go, the more fun you will experience because of the fewer crowds.

Parks are also always busier during weekends and over holidays. But no matter when you decide to visit Disney World in 2021, you will likely experience the fewest crowds, which allows you more flexibility.

Theme Park Reservations

One important factor about Walt Disney World Resort is that you will need a theme park reservation each day you visit the park. You will get a confirmation number after booking your reservation and instructions on how to start making your reservations.

You can always check for reservations and availability before you start booking. Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom tend to fill up first. So, you should make reservations for these two parks first.

After making reservations, you can make changes or switch to other theme parks provided the parks you want to change to as still available.

Plan Around Special Events

One special feature about Walt Disney World is that something is always happening. It always feels like a party, even if you’re not visiting during a special event.

However, there are some events you might want to make special trips for. These include:

  • Epcot International Food & Wine Festival (late August-early November)
  • Halloween at Walt Disney World Resort – (mid-August through October 31st)
  • Holidays at Walt Disney World Resort – (mid-November-early January)

In addition to the special events listed above, Walt Disney World Resort is set to start celebrating its 50th Anniversary on October 1st, 2021, and is believed to continue for 18 months. This means it will last through March 2023, which is just amazing.

Make the Most of It

Walt Disney World’s theme parks don’t shut down when the sun sets – and neither should you. Get a glimpse of the IllumiNations light show at Epcot, fireworks at Magic Kingdom, extended park hours, and more. These privileges are already free with your park admission and ticket. It is worth staying up or waking up for a few more hours or the best experience of your life.


There’s nothing more magical than seeing some of your favorite animation characters. Walt Disney World is the place all kids and parents want to go and stay. Ensure you get your Walt Disney World Tickets early enough for the best planning and experience when visiting this magical place.

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