Affordable Kitchen Renovation Ideas


Are you happy with your kitchen? Do you have a functional and stylish one? Do you have a big budget to spend on it now? If you answered no to any of those questions, this is the post for you.

Being there, done it. The truth is that starting a renovation project at home can be a bit tricky and expensive sometimes. Believe it or not, we still can make a couple of changes in any room of our house without spending rivers of money.

The secret word is – D.I.Y. Check my “do it yourself” renovation ideas to have a brand-new kitchen and increase your home value.


The walls are our focus point in the kitchen. We can do miracles with a bit of change in how it looks. If you live in a rented home, wallpaper can be a great tool. It’s easy to install and uninstall. You can choose different patterns, from classic ones to quite modern types. It is easy to be cleaned and you can replace it whenever you feel like it.

Vinyl wallpapers are still a favourite. But you can find even more affordable options such as bamboo and adhesive ones.

Painted Cupboards

For me, this is the easiest solution. Colours bring life to any ambient. If your kitchen is a bit minimalist, you may go for pastel colours or cool colours. White is great to give it a brighter look, and light green puts me in the mood to spend more with family in this space.

If you look for a more vibrant space, warm colours such as red, orange and yellow are here for you. I do confess that yellow cabinets would be my favourite option. It gives a Pinterest kind of vibe.

Display Shelves

Are you looking for a practical and functional kitchen? Display shelves can be your best allies in this case. When it comes to decorating your home, shelves are always considered a win-win. Especially when choosing something that is both fashionable and functional. They are more affordable than investing in extra cabinets and shelves and will certainly optimise space.

My perfect pick would be wooden ones for industrial-inspired aesthetics. But I have heard that sleep Scandinavian design ones are quite popular options as well. Rustic kitchens deserve some solid wood shelves, while glass and pure metal shelves might suit modern interiors.

Cabinet Handles

Who would say that a couple of funky cabinet handles, knobs and pulls would give a massive change to your kitchen cupboards? Well, they will! Do you want more good news? You can find them everywhere. From pound shops to Amazon to John Lewis.

Plus, they will make your cabinet doors and drawers look more elegant and modern too. I quite like the smooth ones like a classic brushed satin nickel mushroom knob. But you can pick from clear glass to stainless steel and oil-rubbed ones. Be fun and creative!

Pendant Lights

Here is my favourite way of transforming a cold kitchen into a cosy room. Transform any room A gorgeous one-light dome pendant will do the trick. Just pick which features and finishes suit you best to add to your existing décor. You can`t go wrong with the industrial and retro types.

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