How to Choose The best Electric Gate for your Home

Did you stop to think the outdoor spaces at home are no longer only a place to keep your car or the bits and bobs that you have no space to keep inside? For this reason, garages and gardens are a quite important part of our home improvement project.

The right façade and a functional and stylish electric gate will certainly influence the aesthetics of the house. Not to mention that an electric gate offers more security and privacy too.

In addition to the security issue, another aspect that makes a big difference is the practicality that this item brings. Believe me, the difference is remarkable.

However, picking the right gate does not depend on aesthetics, but also conditioned to the type of opening, materials, and maintenance it will need in the future. It will depend on the budget as well.

So, let’s check now what you should consider before picking the right electric gate for your home.


There is a huge variety of gate materials, and these items are automated according to a list of specifications that are collected by the technical responsible for the project. For this reason, your choice should be planned well in advance.

The most common materials for manufacturing automatic gates are iron, aluminium and wood. The best fit for your home will depend on the durability of each material, weight and aesthetics, of course.

Aluminium is one of the most popular materials. It is a lightweight option, perfect for large sizes, and it is quite clean to be cleaned. Here is where you can find the best aluminium gates near me.

Types of Gates

The most common types are sliding, cantilever, swing, and vertical lifting. They differ in the space they need to operate and the frequency of maintenance.

When choosing the gate for your resident it is important to think about the installation. It is important to consider that an automatic gate needs more space than an ordinary gate.

It is also space where your gate will be installed that will determine the best type of opening. Vertical lifting ones are perfect for when you do not have too much space in the entrance.

On the other hand, swing gates are more affordable. Remember the perfect gate is the one that fits the façade of your house too.

Weather Conditions

Believe it or not, the climate is an important factor to consider when choosing an automatic gate for your home. The extreme hot or cold regions will demand a different type of materials and features. If you live by the seaside, it is always better to find the ones that are more resistant to corrosion.


In addition to practicality and security, the gate can give a special touch to the facade of the property, making it more attractive, modern, and beautiful.

The versatility and the possibility of adapting to the most contemporary or classic building styles are other important features when picking the perfect electric gate. The style will vary according to your personal preferences.

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