Choosing the correct Bed frame?

You may have a mattress that provides you with perfect levels of both support and comfort. So, what else can you do to improve the overall quality of your sleep? It is time to investigate buying yourself a new bed frame if you have had to cope with the situation of laying your mattress on the floor.

Sometimes finding the perfect bed frame can be a challenging experience. To make it easier to decide which bed frame to buy, you need to know what a bed frame is?

Definition of a bed frame

It is the term used to describe the support your mattress rests upon. For many centuries people have been exploring new solutions to help hold the bed up to improve sleep quality.

Around 1200AD, People would dig an area to hold bedding to sleep away from predators, but it had soon progressed to wooden frames around the 14-15th century with rope supports topped with straw and hay. Hence the term “hitting the hay.”

Modern Materials used for bedframes

Bed frames have massively developed over time. Not only do they provide support for mattresses, but they are also made in a wide variety of styles to suit the different decor of every room.


Traditional construction material has been adapted and progressed by manufacturers to keep up with the invention and design of new bed frames. Due to how solid and durable wood panels can be and how much support they can provide. Wood has its look on each piece due to grains or knots from the tree’s growth. It may also be painted to suit the decor of the room.


Popular as it provides a strong foundation. It offers the perfect stability which you would expect from your bed frame. Brass and stainless steel are standard as they help to showcase metalworking and are not overwhelming in size. While also acting complementary to any other pieces of furniture in your room.

Fabric and leather

Act as coverings for the head and footboards, and even sideboards.  Which because of new modern contemporary design has become more common?

Fabric does require a sturdier base. Plywood material is used to provide a durable frame and surface to which the material can easily be attached.

Height of your bed frame

  • Standard profile – This bed frame style is the one that is used the most. It typically ranges in height from 13ʺ to 15ʺ.  This height makes it practical as it leaves space to store items underneath as well as being low enough to lower the risk of injury when falling out of bed
  • Low profile – Sits closer to the ground. It’s measured at 13” or less, making it the perfect solution for smaller rooms.
  • High profile – High profile beds are 15” and up. Which means they can offer increased storage.

Most important factors when choosing a bed frame?

Size and space – It is best to measure out the area of your room and be prepared before choosing which size frame to buy. Another impact on what size frame to buy is whether it needs to match the size of the current mattress.

Storage – Some bed frames have a built-in storage option which is very useful for ensuring your room is kept clutter-free. So, if your house is near as manic as mine, it is best to work out how much storage a bed frame provides, as it will come in handy.

Your budget and preferences – There are many beds frame options for you to consider no matter what budget you have. Sometimes a more expensive frame may be needed so that all your needs are met. This should not act as a barrier to prevent you from buying your perfect frame, as you can pay off the cost in smaller, more manageable sums over time if this is agreed upon sale.

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