How to Plan the Best Car Trip

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Be it with your friends, family or dear love. Road trips are known – the best way to fabricate memories and cherish them forever. 

Road trips are super fun, but If you have a reliable car to get you around – square the fun with two. The cold air from the open windows and the fun-filled custom playlist is bound to cheer your day.

There are few things like; safety, budget, and comfort to look after to make your road trip epic. Here are five actionable tips to make your car trip the best trip to remember.

A Safe Destination

You can not drive to the Dominican Republic and Eritrea in a car, can you? So, choose a safe destination that is within 1000/km of your native town. 

For playing it a little safe, you can select many stops in your way as well. Also, figure out how much time you want to stay where; this will make sure you are not spending the entire time in your car.

Planning Everything

Be it the hotel you are going to stay in, or choosing the best route for your convenience – plan everything ahead of time.

Most importantly, plan the car trip with your companions. This way, you can know what exactly they are expecting from the trip. Do they want to visit the local places? Or do they want to eat that plate of sweet corn near the sea? Discussing this out together can help everyone to get the best out of the trip.

Hydration and Snacks

If you do not want that bad toothache or food poison to spoil your car trip, go for some healthy snacks. These snacks will keep your boredom and hunger away.

Also, taking enough water along with some juices is a must. Keep some chewing gums also to boost your alertness while driving.

A Spotify Playlist

There is a high chance you’re going to get tired of the road and open-air within a few hours. Here will come the playlist to spice up your car trip. A simple search on Spotify can give you some good travel playlists, or you can always make a custom one.

You can also listen to some funny audiobooks to cheer you on through the trip.

Few Essentials

Apart from the fun stuff, you can take a few essentials with you. Here are a few miscellaneous stuff to keep in your basket while planning a car trip;

  • Insurance and license
  • Peppermint or any energizing essence
  • A spare key
  • Take a paper map(what if you get lost? yeah! I care)
  • Ice and fast aid – for instant medication and,
  • Cushions for painless driving,

Ending Note

You know, they say – Fun is being spontaneous. So even if you are planning everything tough, keep some room for spontaneity as well. 

In the end, our goal is to escape from the monotony of everyday life and get some thin air to cleanse our lungs. So do any out-of-the-box activity to fulfil that thirst for freedom inside you.

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