How to Find The Best Deals on Car Shipping

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It isn’t much of a big surprise that the cost of shipping your car from one state to another is expensive. This will be especially true if you are planning to ship a car from California to Hawaii.

 Whether you are moving or just visiting a place, having a car with you is always convenient, especially if you could bring the car you have been driving for years. This is why most people would choose to ship their car even though it will cost them a lot.

However, finding cheap and affordable car shipping services is not that simple. This is because there are many things to consider, and it will take a great amount of time and effort. If you are planning to ship your car, the following tips will help you find the most affordable option:

Getting Multiple Quotes From Different Companies

The best and easiest way to find the most affordable vehicle transport quote is by getting multiple quotes. By doing so, you will be able to determine which company offers cheap services by comparing their price estimates.

To get the quotes, you can either call the shipping companies or contact them through email. Most shipping companies nowadays are easy to reach thanks to the availability of the Internet.

You need to keep in mind that there are some disadvantages to cheap car shipping services, which would typically include the quality of their services. Always make sure that the company you will be choosing is reliable to ensure that you won’t have any regrets in the end.

Besides, you can leverage the prices from other companies when negotiating the final cost of your car shipping. There are companies who will try to match the price of others to encourage you to choose them.

Go for Open Transport Instead of Enclosed Transport

 Although enclosed transport is the safest method to ship your car elsewhere, it is considered a costly option. It is estimated that the price increase between open and enclosed transport is almost 50% of the total charge.

Unless you have a luxurious or vintage car that is worth millions, choosing open transport should be the best option for you.

Opt for Terminal to Terminal Delivery Location

 Suppose you are planning to ship your car, and its destination is quite isolated or far from the mainland. In that case, you will undoubtedly be charged a very high amount. Picking up your car from the terminal should be the cheapest option.

This will also apply to the initial location of the car. Driving your car to the terminal will be cheaper than having someone pick up the car for you.

Schedule Your Shipping During Non-peak Season

 Car shipping companies tend to overcharge during the peak season. The best way to take advantage of this is by waiting until it is off-season. This might delay some of your scheduled plans, but if you can wait it out a bit, you will surely be able to save a few hundred bucks from the shipping fee.

Usually, the busiest months for car shipping services are between the months of April and September. Meanwhile, the slowest months would be between December and February.

Be Flexible With Your Pick Up and Delivery Dates

 Auto transport brokers or car shipping companies will give you a much better rate if you have a flexible schedule. If you are too specific with your requested schedule, then you might be put in a premium plan instead, which will be very expensive.

Again, the problem with this method is that some of your scheduled plans will be delayed at the very least.

Hire a Car Shipping Broker

 Auto transport brokers can help you make the whole ordeal of shipping your car easier and cheaper. Since auto transport brokers know a lot of shipping companies, they will be able to seek out ones that will perfectly suit your needs, and of course, they can also get the best price as well.

However, the problem with this method is that some brokers aren’t that at all trustworthy and may end up giving you a deal with a non-reputable car shipping company.

Drive the Car Yourself

 Driving your car to its destination isn’t actually that bad of an idea, particularly if you are only planning to ship it somewhere close and not overseas like shipping car to Hawaii.

 However, this is not a good idea if you are travelling long distances. Your car can have significant wear and tear during the trip. You also have to pay for expenses such as food, accommodation, and gas needed for the entire journey.

Final Words

 In this day and age where money is hard to get by, it is always advisable to always find the cheapest options available, mainly because car shipping to Hawaii can be already expensive, to begin with.

To get the best deal when shipping your car to Hawaii, make sure to do thorough research. Compare the different offers from multiple companies and try to negotiate the prices if possible. Also, be strategic when it comes to choosing when to ship your vehicle.

By diligently following some of the tips mentioned above, you will surely get lower prices than usual.

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