6 Things in Your Bedroom Sabotaging Your Sleep

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Sleeping well is essential for good health. However, most times, it is disrupted by various things. A lot of things, such as stress, prevent you from getting the sleep you need. Sometimes the stuff in your bedroom affects your sleep, and you need to know what you should have and what not to have to sleep well.

The lights creeping in your bedroom, the furniture you have, and your sleeping partners can be the reason for your restorative sleep or you feeling tired and cranky. So, to enjoy the many benefits of sleep, you need to make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary, and below are some things to avoid having in your bedroom.

Your mattress

Although a mattress is one bedroom essential that no one sees, it is vital to have a good mattress, if you want to achieve better sleep. But, how do you know which beauty rest to buy? You need to get one that supports your body and is firm to your liking to replace the crappy one that leaves you feeling unrested.

According to research, your mattress says a lot about the quality of sleep you get. Thus, if your mattress is sabotaging your sleep, upgrade to a better one to sleep better.

Your partner 

Cuddling with your partner in bed is sexy, intimate, and comforting until it is not. If you have incompatible sleep habits, it will affect both of you, and you will start suffering from a lack of sleep.

Some things that can disrupt sleep when sleeping with a partner are movement during sleep, snoring, mismatched sleep schedules, preferences in room temperatures, among many other things. If you have such issues with your partner, look for solutions to help both of you sleep better. For instance, if you have a snoring partner, consult a sleep specialist for remedies and solutions to the problem.


Did you know there is a link between hoarding and poor sleep? Hoarders have a problem with decision-making. Thus if a hoarder has an unusable or cluttered bedroom and less functional and comfortable beds, it increases the risk of stress, depression, cognitive dysfunction, and poor sleep quality.

Although hoarding is extreme behaviour, people who have bedrooms full of clutter even though they are not hoarders, still disrupt their sleep. Proper sleep hygiene requires you to get space that you are comfortable sleeping in. A messy bedroom will make it hard to put off thoughts of unfinished tasks and cause sleep-disrupting anxiety.

Your tablet, phone, and TV

Both adults and children have one or more devices in their bedrooms. Unfortunately, mobile phones, tablets, and TVs sabotage your sleep. The light from these devices is a factor in sleep reduction. They emit blue light that disrupts people’s natural circadian rhythm.

When you perceive a lot of this blue light when it is almost time to sleep, you confuse your body into thinking it should be awake and have difficulty sleeping. Also, devices introduce a lot of stimulation to your sleeping area, for they keep you alert.

The temperature


The body temperature drops as you go to sleep. Thus, if your bedroom temperature is too hot, your body temperature will not lower, and you will have a challenging time sleeping. Therefore, the ability to cool down at night is vital for high temperatures to affect sleep more than light does.

If not everyone is comfortable sleeping at certain temperatures, have your temperatures in the mid-60s. Therefore, avoid being physically uncomfortable by aiming for temperatures comfortable for all. A too-cold room disrupts sleep, and too hot prevents temperature drop.

Your fur partner 

Pet lovers sleep with their pets in their bedrooms and even in their beds. It is not a bad thing to sleep with pets, for some benefit from it. However, for most people, pets harm their sleep. More so, if you sleep with more than one pet, you have more sleep disturbances. If you sleep fine with your pet, continue. But, if it affects the quality of your sleep, them out of your bed. If you start sleeping better, you will know your pet was the culprit.

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