How to Choose the Perfect Wardrobes


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Choosing the best wardrobe can be a bit tricky sometimes. There are important factors that must be observed before buying yours. Together with size, model, and material, you need to ensure have a model that will meet your needs.

That’s why it’s quite important to research, have specific measures and evaluate your budget at the time of purchase. This way, you avoid common future problems, such as having to change the entire layout of the room to fit the new closet.

The good news is that I have prepared a guide to help you how to choose your new best Spoke wardrobes considering space, style, and budget.

Size Matters

As you know, the most common wardrobe models are single and double. The main difference between the two is their dimensions. If you are looking for a spacious wardrobe, it’s always important to check the measurements before reaching the shops.

Don’t risk buying the wardrobe of your dreams without knowing fits in your bedroom, otherwise, your purchase becomes a true nightmare.

Another simple solution is looking for a made-to-measure wardrobe that is specially manufactured based on precise measurements to fit in your room perfectly.  Find more tips on fitted bespoken wardrobes at

This type of wardrobe has unique features because is designed to fulfill the client’s taste and needs. You can be as much as creative when choosing a colour, style, type of doors, etc.


You probably notice that some features make the wardrobe more functional. This is the case with having cabinets with lockable drawers and doors. These are great for storing valuables items or important documents.

Mirrors are another feature that adds value to your furniture. You save space when your wardrobe comes with an internal mirror, right? Also, mirrors give the feeling of increased space, so they are great options for small spaces.

Hinged or Sliding Wardrobes

I’m not going to lie; that’s a difficult decision. Both types of wardrobes have many pros and some cons that can be decisive when deciding which one to go for.

The sliding doors do not take up space, allowing us to use the room space in a much better way. Not to mention that it is a quite durable piece of furniture as well.

If you want to give a personal touch to your bedroom, a sliding door model is a perfect match to bring modern features and unique style when it comes to aesthetics.

A hinged wardrobe is made for those who want to invest in different styles, colours, and materials such as pine, oak, or other types of wood. A hinged wardrobe gives a classic touch to your bedroom, and it can be a more affordable option too. Just let your imagination flows.

Design & Style

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There are plenty of designs and styles to choose from when it comes to wardrobes, from the most rustic to Provence and modern ones. Choosing one of them will depend not only on your needs but also on your taste. Metro Wardrobes is a manufacturer of bespoke kitchen and bedroom furniture. And they have got plenty of designs and styles of fitted wardrobes to choose from on their website.

Think about the wardrobe as an essential piece to complement your bedroom’s décor. In addition to its functionality, it can also add a final touch that makes the room cosier and more stylish.

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