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Thinking ahead to your retirement? This should be a time in your life that you look forward to as a chance to visit new places, meet new people and try new things. Many people decide that they want to travel when they stop working and this can certainly be rewarding, fun and eye-opening and there are endless options for places to visit.

Funding Your Travels

Many people like the idea of travelling once they retire, but they might worry about how they will fund their trips. This is understandable as finances can become trickier once you stop working and not everyone will have a comfortable enough pension to jet off around the world without a second thought.

Fortunately, there are a few good options to fund your travels even if you do not have savings to tuck into. Many people opt for equity release to fund their travels, which can certainly be a great way to access a lump sum and could cover a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

You can use an equity release calculator to work out how much you could access but keep in mind that this is a major decision to make so it is always worth speaking with a specialist and weighing up your options.


So, what are a few of the best places to visit once you reach retirement? The options are endless and obviously, it will depend on your own preferences, but there are a few options that many people that are retired enjoy.


Visiting the USA is very popular and this is for good reason because there are obviously no cultural or language barriers, it is incredibly beautiful and diverse and it has major attractions. Route 66 could be an incredible experience that allows you to tick off a lot of places and see just how diverse and varied the country is.

Caribbean Cruise Or Mediterranean

Caribbean cruises are also popular and another way for you to tick off multiple places on one trip. Cruises also allow you to indulge in luxury, meet other people and enjoy a range of facilities and obviously there are few better places for sun, sea and sand than the Caribbean.

If you want to stay slightly closer to home but still want luxury then the Mediterranean could be for you, particularly areas like the French Riviera and Italy.

Travelling East

For adventurous types, exploring South East Asia can be an amazing experience and introduce you to new cultures as well as see stunning natural beauty. If you like the idea of visiting places far from home, Australia and New Zealand should be on your list with a lot to offer any visitor.

Hopefully, this post will give you some inspiration and get you excited about the prospect of travelling and new adventures in retirement.

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