Essential Jackets & Coats for this Winter


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Are you still looking for a new coat that can keep you warm and look stylish during the cold season? So, you are in the right place. We’ll show you which coats are hot in winter 2021.

Whether your personal style is bold or old-fashioned, simple or over the top, there are ways to update your winter clothing with the latest trends without extra headaches.

I know finding the perfect winter coat isn’t so easy. After all, winter coats should keep you warm and at the same time look stylish, but sometimes you just can`t combine both of the best worlds, right?

In 2021, we’re focusing on more aerodynamic silhouettes and using finishing and texture to add fun. Think gorgeous coats with huge tufts of faux fur at the wrists and lapels, or cool leather styles with contrasting shearling accents to soften the look.

More classic coats and jackets will also make a comeback, from the camel coat you’ve seen on every celebrity to the layered quilted clip you may have already squeezed into the back of your closet. Also, they should be as comfy and practical as possible so that we can use them next year.

Here are some of the best jackets and coats to go for this winter season.

Graphene Jacket

Imagine having a single piece of clothing that can be worn into all-season and lasts a lifetime? Your dream just came true. The Gamma jacket is one that we can use in cold and warm weather. I am totally in love!

This stylish and functional jacket makes it ideal for use outdoors, indoors, and for formal and informal occasions too. This piece is for those who are looking for comfort, style, and functionality in the same package. Just perfect for travellers and adventures out here.

This ultimate all-climate jacket is lightweight, waterproof, and it has 10-smart pockets. You can`t go wrong with pockets!

Classic Camel

These are big inspirations over the years for many people. From celebrities to your best mate, the classic camel coat is a must-have piece in everybody’s wardrobe. Look for a silhouette that hits just above or below the knee, with structured shoulders, a strong lapel and buttons or a clasp at the front.


Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are trendy among the youth, but it doesn’t mean you will not find a model that will fit your style. Never say never! If you are into textures like Sherpa and leather, that is the right piece for you.

A leopard print that will ensure you stand out from the crowd. But If you prefer something a little more discreet, go for classic black in a vinyl-like finish with a lot of sheens.

Do you like the oversized casual look? This winter, coats are particularly large and long. In other words, the new coats sometimes hit the ground so that only the toes of the shoes can still be seen. Can you handle it?


I do confess to being quite surprised to see loads of people investing in a shearling coat. But they were everywhere last year, and they will be back to the streets this winter. They are all for a flattering and comfortable look. A timeless classic indeed.

Choose a jacket that matches leather (or faux leather!) with cut details to give the bold material a cosier, literally softer look.

Robe Coats

If you are looking for a cosier coat this winter, that is the one for you. We probably got a bit carried on with the fact we spent most of 2020 wearing “comfortable clothes” at home. So, a robe coat fits the trend perfectly. Look for a robe-style tie clasp and big cuffs jacket, so it looks as cosy as it is warm.


Classic and atemporal, the plaid print is still on the rise next season! It appears both in overcoats and heavier garments, as in traditional flannel shirts. You can’t go wrong with this style.

*This is a collaborative post

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