5 Impressive Benefits of Installing an Ohio Solar Panel System

Are you planning to switch to solar energy?

Ohio has an emerging solar industry. The state has close to 8,000 solar installations, yet it continues to grow steadily. It’s because a lot of homeowners are discovering the benefits of solar energy.

However, you might still be on the fence about getting an Ohio solar panel system. Fortunately, our guide discusses some of the notable benefits you can enjoy. Read on and learn:

Helps Save on Electric Bills

One of the primary benefits of having solar panels at home is energy savings. The average electricity consumption per year is 10,649 kilowatt-hours (kWh). When you look at this with Ohio’s average electricity rate of $0.1316, you’ll pay around $1401.41.

Solar energy allows you to cut it down by half through surplus and net metering. In some cases, you can eliminate your electric bills. It depends on various factors, such as the amount of energy your system produces and your household consumption.

Low Maintenance 

Maintenance isn’t a big issue for solar panel systems. All you need is to ensure the solar panel surface remains clean. Aside from that, it’s all about eliminating obstructions to ensure they absorb as much light as possible.

These panels last long, and if you need any form of maintenance, get a professional look at the panels every year. It ensures they’re in great condition.

Helps Increase Your Home Value

A solar panel installation also increases your home value. It can go up by 3% to 4%. Homes with solar panel systems often sell at a higher price compared to those without.

Environment-Friendly Option

Solar panel installation is also a way for you to help the environment. It helps reduce your household’s carbon blueprint with lower emission rates. You’ll contribute less to global warming since you consume fewer fossil fuels.

Turning toward solar energy can help reduce respiratory problems due to air pollution. Check with your solar installation company to get started.

Long Warranties

Solar panels come with warranties reaching up to 25 years or more. However, these systems can last longer. The same applies to solar inverters with warranties reaching up to 12 years. After all, you’re unlikely to replace them until after 20 years or so.

Items with extended warranties often last longer due to their construction. It leaves you with the assurance your solar power system endures for years. In some cases, it will continue to exist long after you move out.

Get an Ohio Solar Panel Now

With an Ohio solar panel system, you can save money while helping the environment. You take advantage of the sun’s rays to power your household. Contact a solar panel installation company to start.

However, your company choice affects your system’s quality. Get a reputable business to work on your home. Check their online presence to determine whether they’re the right one for you.

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