Chartering a Yacht To Catalina Island Summer 2021

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One of the most popular tourist attractions off the coast of California is Catalina Island. It’s reminiscent of a Greek Island in the Mediterranean, both in climate and lifestyle.

You can take a helicopter, a ferry out of Long Beach, San Pedro, Dana Point or Newport Beach, or a private yacht charter San Diego, to this little island of Paradise in the Pacific Ocean. Catalina is a little over 80 miles from San Diego, so it doesn’t take long to get there. Once you’re on the island, you may not ever want to leave.

Avalon or Two Harbors?

The main places to dock at Catalina are its two cities. Avalon is the only incorporated city on the island and probably the more popular choice for tourists. You’ll find plenty to do in Avalon, from beach activities, spa, golf, and hotels and restaurants. There’s a new museum that offers a history of the island, which is pretty fascinating.

Many celebrities have ties to Catalina, including Ronald Reagan, Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Woods. The island is known for its ecotourism and conservation efforts. If you’re adventurous, you want to check out the zipline and climbing wall.

Two Harbors is a bit more quaint. You can dock at Two Harbors from your private charter or you can take a ferry from Avalon to Two Harbors. It’s just 22 miles away and the ferry takes about 30 minutes. Here, you’ll find camping accommodations and premium outdoor activities. Swimming and snorkelling are popular activities, but you can simply enjoy the sun and sand on the beach while you relax.

Beautiful Views Around the Island

Catalina is known for its use of golf carts over other types of transportation. In Avalon, it’s difficult to get lost, since most roads lead back to the city.

You can rent a golf cart to explore the mountainous island to get a view of the ocean from all types of locations. If you stay overnight, you’ll find a few nightspots where you can have fun – island style. Catalina is a nice island escape from the more-populated west coast San Diego community.

Yacht Charters Offer Great Opportunities to Make Memories

A party cruise San Diego can be another way to enjoy the ocean without the expense of a private charter to Catalina. Your family and friends can take in the ocean on a whale-watching cruise off the coast to learn more about oceanic wildlife.

America, a replica of the yacht that won the historic Royal Yacht Squadron’s 100 Guinea Cup race in 1851, is a stable boat that takes you out on the Pacific to enjoy the quiet you can’t find in the city.

With a guarantee against seasickness, you can enjoy your yacht dinner cruise San Diego for any special event, a wedding, anniversary, birthday or just a get-together between friends who want to celebrate life.

Consider a yacht cruise in San Diego with a highly trained crew who will take care of you from the time you step onboard until you come back into the harbour. It’s eco-friendly and educational, as well as fun and entertaining.

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