Adding VITA to my Summer with Daisy London Jewellery

I am not going to lie, after spending over 14 months stuck at home, I guess I am ready to shine. And I am not the only one ready to enjoy the sunshine. Lucky me, I have in hand one gorgeous piece of the necklace from Daisy London Jewellery’s VITA collection.

I do love necklaces. They are my favourite accessories not just because they can be timeless pieces. But I believe they can make a real freshness to our skin. In this case, adding more Vita to my summer.

After all, we had gone through quite a lot in the last few months, and it’s always good to start the second semester with positive vibes, feeling yourself, and fully vaccinated, if possible.

What is Daisy London?

Daisy London designs outstanding and essential handcrafted jewellery pieces that are elegant and timeless. The brand was created by Ruth Brewley 10 years ago with the mission of bringing the essence of the carefree London girl wherever you are in the world. Alongside an impressive jewellery collection, Daisy London offers personalised gifts notes to accompany your sustainable gift wrap.

This is an ethically sourced and responsibly made company that works with jewellery made from 100% recycled silver.

The Vita Collection

I do confess to having my eyes on the Vita collection way before being invited to review a jewellery piece for Daisy London. The pieces are just elegant and they portrait exactly what you imagine a campaign named I am me, unapologetically means from embracing ourselves for all that we are.

The campaign embraces all types of women around the world that can find at Daisy London a series of sculptural, textured pieces that capture different angles of a female body. It’s a perfect combination of a piece of jewellery and skin.

My Daisy London Experience

I am what I am – a strong woman, with many weaknesses, with some desires, with a lot of talent. Less time to think, and some need to act fast sometimes. No apologies.

For that reason, I wanted to find a piece that would portrait me and tell my story. I found a gorgeous Vita Chain Necklace 18c Gold Plate that really portraits a simple perfect summer day in my mind.

It’s a perfect match to give some layers to other fantastic pieces you may want to use together with this one. I usually choose white gold for necklaces, but this piece is so delicate and brings life to your décolletage area. Impossible to resist!

It has also worked well when choosing a nice pendant to pair and customise your piece of jewellery. Simple and delicate necklaces fit my style. Something minimalist that can add the right amount of style to my look, and at the same time can make sparkles. I think I found the perfect one right here. Just a gorgeous piece that can make me feel alive and help me to keep all things that matter next to my heart. Love it.

I received the product complimentary from Daisy London for testing purposes

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