4 Car Safety Tips for Children


When it comes to car safety, ensuring children are safe throughout the entire duration of the journey should be your number one priority. But with so many hidden hazards to be aware of, it can be easy to overlook key steps and let standards slip. Continue reading to familiarise yourself with a number of handy car safety tips for children.

Secure any loose items

While your child may request to share their car journey with a few of their favourite toys or furry friends, this can be extremely dangerous. By securing any loose items ahead of time, you can prevent them from becoming projectiles and protect your child from any flying objects or debris.

As well as toys, this also includes drinks bottles, bags, canned goods, entertainment devices, clothes, shoes, luggage, and even pets. For example, if a pet that weighs 50 pounds is involved in a 35mph collision, it will be projected with 1,500 pounds of sheer force. That is more than enough to seriously harm and even kill a child, even in a relatively small road traffic collision.

Install a suitable car seat

A car seat should be one of the first considerations for the parent of any child. But aside from purchasing a car seat, you must also ensure it fits your child as well as the dimensions of your vehicle.

To find the best car seats in your local area, you must research sellers in your local area or continue your search online at a leading provider such as BuggyBaby. Once you are confident you have sourced the perfect car seat, you must install it in accordance with the relevant safety instructions to provide optimal safety and security for your child on the go.

Keep windows locked at all times

While a number of newer models are designed to deter children from opening windows, you must manually ensure they are locked when the car is moving, parked, or stationary.

Children are naturally inquisitive and will be drawn to any open windows or switches within their line of vision. Power windows may exert an upward force of between 30 to 80 pounds but it only takes 22 pounds of sheer force to seriously injure or suffocate a small child.

Prohibit eating

Even if you take care not to embark on long journeys during snack times, it will happen eventually. However, without the right care and attention, snacking can become a serious hazard.

If your child accidentally chokes on the road, you may not even notice or be able to safely bring the car to a halt in time. To avoid this problem, offer your child a snack before and after each journey and substitute tasty treats for toys.

When it comes to family road trips, preparation and prevention are key. To provide maximum car safety for children, you must secure any loose items ahead of time, source and install a suitable car seat, keep windows locked at all times, and prohibit eating.

Simone Ribeiro
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