Home Improvement Trends to Follow This Autumn

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to keep their employees working from home. In this context, people had to adapt their homes and create workspaces and environments that were not prepared for this.

In addition, we also have more time to plan some of those home projects that we never had time to start or finish. I do confess I found some inspiration by reading an article about making changes to your home recently.

As the long and slow days of summer may be over soon, it’s time to also recreate the cosy spaces by filling your room with warmth and light. With mood lighting and soft textiles, you can transform your favourite room into a welcoming oasis filled with a bit of character.

Decorate with light

When days get shorter and nights get longer, we look forward to summering nights by the fireplace. A simple and safe way to bring light and warmth into the house is to invest in large and small LED candles.

A nice place with a lighting system inside a glass hood is also an option. Decorating space with light will have an instant comfortable feeling whenever and wherever you want.

Yellow and Grey

2021 deserves some colours. Among the colours chosen by Pantone as the colour of this year, the combo yellow and grey are the ones in the spotlight as decor trends to make your home more beautiful and welcoming.

I am in love with the idea of a decoration trend that allows for a more cosy and functional home, from decorative objects and ambient styles.

It’s quite an interesting combination that brings a bit of sophistication and modern touch to the rooms. Yellow is pure joy, while grey is a more serious and neutral colour.

Integrated Spaces

One of the most popular trends of 2021 is investing in integrated environments to bring a more functional and dynamic home.

The great advantages of integrated environments are having a better circulation through the spaces, breaking the visual barriers and giving the feeling of larger rooms.

In addition, the integrated environments allow for better communication between people, making the whole family closer and closer together, making the house more practical and welcoming.


Wood is another big trend in 2021 decoration. It can be used in different ways. From floors to wall coverings and, of course, in furniture and countertops for the kitchen or bathroom.

It is a great way to warm up environments and bring a more welcoming feeling to decorated spaces. It is quite easy to match with different styles of decor. From a rustic, modern, industrial, or even minimalist space, wood can always make your environment more welcoming and beautiful.

Smart Houses

Smart homes are here to stay. Home automation is a 2020 trend that will remain in 2021. Luckily, we have loads of ways of using technology that can help us make our own homes much more practical and dynamic.

Among the benefits of home automation, we can mention the use of voice command to turn appliances on and off, open, and close doors and windows, in addition to being able to turn on and off the room lights or even change colour to make the space cosier, clearer, more fun among others.

Home Office Space

One of the biggest changes the pandemic has brought to our lives is the huge growth in remote working that will continue into 2022 too.

Therefore, even in small houses it is important to have a separate corner to set up a home office, and for that, in addition to a good workbench and a suitable chair, you also need to think about lighting and storage space to maintain your environment. work always well organised.

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