Unforgettable Italy: 7 Places You Must Visit On Your Holiday

The vibrant streets of Rome, awe-spiring view of Benevento, and tranquillity of Venice are worth visiting in your lifetime. And believe it, once you have felt the warmth of different cities and places in this country, you’ll always return back to it. Just like Anna Akhmatova has quoted:

“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.”

Moreover, each part and street of this country is rich in history and culture. Every single second that you’ll spend here will become a memorable part of your life.

But, to turn this statement into a reality in your life, you need to make the best of your vacation.

Here are the 7 places that you must try on your visit to this amazing country.

Taste Wine In Sorrento

If you want to enjoy a mesmerizing coastal escape, then Sorrento is the place for you. It is one of the most gorgeous cities in the country. This city offers several tourist attractions, but the best of all is wine. You can try different types of wine while enjoying the sunset at any of the restaurant’s terraces.

Talking about wines, you must not miss out on Lacryma Christi- the area’s renowned wine.

Besides that, you can also take a walk on the volcanic beaches and calming sea. Also, explore Italian fashion at Corso Italia’s boutiques.

Gondola Ride In Venice

If you plan to visit the place during the summer season, you might like to stay near the water. Venice, also known as “the floating city,” would be a really nice choice for this season. Not to mention, Venice is also one of the most romantic places in the world. So, on your visit, you should try a gondola ride with your partner.

What if you are a solo traveller? Well, no worries!

These rowing boats have been in use since the 11th century. That’s why the history of Venice and the gondola ride is still worth exploring.

In addition to this, you can also get some Instagram-worthy pictures at the Grand canal. Or, you can enjoy a classic opera show at Teatro La Fenice. While at it, you can also visit the heart of Venice at St. Mark’s Square (also known as Piazza San Marco). You can roam around the streets to enjoy the astonishing architecture of Venice.

Explore Matera’s Medieval Alleyways

Did you know that Matera is one of the world’s longest continuously inhabited settlements? Fascinating, isn’t it? This city can give you a feel of the true ancient era. How? Well, you can discover the infamous cave-dwelling at this place. You can explore what life without livestock was like at Sassi.

No matter how many times you have explored the Casa-Grotta di Vico Solitario, you’ll always find something amusing in this place. Perhaps, that’s why this place has also become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This city also offers other historical sites, such as a honey-coloured maze of stairways and piazzas. You should also visit Mediterranean landscapes to get the best view of southern Italy.

Take A Glimpse Of the pre-Roman Era In Benevento

Benevento is another beautiful tourist attraction in Italy. In fact, it is quite popular for destination weddings. The Torre Della Catena Diroccato tower exhibits the pre-Roman era. Although it’s been decades old, you can still find the ruins of the ancient structure there. Plus, you can also discover numerous historical stories about the land.

To enjoy this place in the best way, you must indulge in some luxury. How? Well, you can book a  boutique hotel in the old town centre of the city. It will surely give you a glimpse of ancient life with a touch of modern amenities. ‘

Moreover, some hotels also provide spa facilities. So, after a whole day of adventure and exploring, you can rejuvenate yourself.

Feel Olympian At Taormina’s Greek Theatre

If you want to enjoy a splendid retreat along the sun-kissed coast, you must add Taormina to your list. This place is literally filled with colours. From deep blue Nolina sea to pinkish sky, you can find tranquillity everywhere here. The best part? Greek theatre.

If you visit this place between May and September, you can avail yourself of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a concert sitting in the antique stone seats.

On the streets of Taormina, you can find cobbled stairways alongside the orange trees. On top of that, there are high-street windows captivating you with mouthwatering cannolis. The ambiance, colours, and overall vibe of the place are indeed unforgettable.

See The World Famous Cinque Terre

To say Italian architecture is astonishing would be an understatement. Connecting five fishing villages, i.e., Cinque Terre, offers exceptional views of classic Italian architecture in which you can indulge. Moreover, each of the five towns, namely- Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, have their own style built over the course of thousands of years.

You can explore the whole place without any vehicle. So, get your hiking shoes on and walk in the flower-filled lane to discover a life filled with aesthetics. If you get tired of walking, just enjoy a cup of coffee under the pink sky made of bougainvillaea. You can also go fishing (which you must at a fishing village) and enjoy quality time by the sea.

Travel Back In Time At Pompeii

Lastly, you should take a step toward the recovered Roman town of Pompeii. This place is exceptionally beautiful and will probably make you want to study history all over again. There are open-air museums giving you a brief about the historical events that Pompeii has experienced for centuries.

If you wish to learn more details, you can visit the Naples National Archaeological Museum. There you can find rescued and preserved frescos and statues. Not to forget, you can also explore the Pompeii puzzle.

Key Takeaway!

If you are visiting Italy, you must visit the cities mentioned above. Without it, your trip can not be complete. So, ensure that you remember every single place, and for that create a checklist. In addition to this, you should also learn about the country’s rules. It will make sure that you don’t face any hassle while travelling.

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