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Stationery enthusiastic, like me, will just agree that there is always a space for more notebooks, pens, planners, etc. As a journalist and teacher, and passionate about stationery, I do confess I need my office supplies to be updated quite often. No shame to that. And I will be honest, I do purchase some thematic subscription boxes now and then.

This month, I was invited by Lucy and Paul from For the Love of the North to review the Stationery Society debut box: The Seaside-themed one. And yes, I am over the moon.

What is The Stationery Society?

If you clicked on the first link above, you already know that Lucy and Paul run an amazing business that already showcased over 60 different creative artists and illustrators representing the North and the Northeast.

The Stationery Society box is a monthly subscription box packed with a unique collection of exclusive gifts designed and produced by talented creatives. You know the score.

It’s like having the best cards, pin badges, notebooks, pads, and some extra something, every month, at your doorstep.  That’s my kind of thing.

Also, what a great idea to support small independent businesses around the country in difficult times like this.

This is a perfect gift for friends, family, kids that are about to be back to school, or grow-ups to start their journey at the University. Here are the different types of subscriptions to choose from:

Rolling monthly subscription – £16 per box

Quarterly subscription – £15 per box

Six-monthly subscription – £14 per box

Yearly subscription – £12.50 per box (limited very special offer)

What is inside the Seaside box?

I love the seaside. But who doesn’t? Sea breeze, good weather, the sounds of waves. We just can’t help it. The Seaside box embraces everything that is great about it.

To start with, the gorgeous packaging is a sign that this box is made with love. You find two cards on the box to explain the products you will have this month and another one telling us that 25% of sales of each Seaside box goes straight to Surfers Against Sewage – a charity that brings together communities to protect our oceans and beaches.

That’s already a great reason to purchase your box, of course.

The box is as sustainable as you can get. It a quite minimalistic packaging made of recyclable material.

Seaside Themed Goodies


My friends back in Brazil are always amazed by the gorgeous cards that we have here in the UK. It’s true. We have amazing creatives, illustrators, and artists designing gorgeous cards for every kind of special occasion.

The Seaside box is working with some of them. We have fun-themed ones made by Nichola Chowdary, Lisa Kirkbride, Sofia Barton, and Rho Illustrations in this box.

Pin Badge

I just started my collection of pin badges not a long time ago. And I am completely in love with this one made by Netoon Creative. If you have some great memories of holidays spent by the British seaside, one of them is related to that cheeky seagull that tries stealing food from you.


Here is my favourite stationery piece – a notebook. So, I will be suspicious here and say this one is my favourite product in this box. Yay! I am not 16-years old anymore, but I do love my notebooks and I take their design quite seriously as well.

This Becky Hodgson one is just a joy and just the perfect reason why a notebook doesn’t need to be boring. It can be fun and gorgeous just like this one.

Postcards and Notepad

Are you the type of person who uses postcards to décor your walls? I am this type of person. So, here is your sign to check these gorgeous ones made by Laura Burnett. She also designed the notepad for this box. Her inspiration comes from the beautiful sceneries. So as well as portrait in her art.

Why Should you buy a Stationery Box?

As you can see, these boxes are fulfilled with unique creative pieces. I also think it is quite important to remember its ethos when 25% of sales from The Stationery Society are awarded to a different charity every month. This box is about creating opportunities for artists, illustrators, and creatives that need support to showcase their amazing artwork. Plus, if you love stationery, these are enough reasons to get yours now!

*I received the product complimentary from The Stationery Society for testing purposes

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