How Can Your High Street Business Re-Engage Customers Post-Freedom Day?

The long-awaited ‘Freedom Day’ arrived on the 19th of July. This means all COVID restrictions in England have been lifted and people can begin to make their way back to normality, especially when it comes to the high street; an area particularly hit by the pandemic.

Having spent much of the past 18 months buying items online, a new and reformed type of shopper is hitting the streets. What can your business do to get their loyalty back?

Make your approach to COVID clear

Clear instructions will make many customers feel safer and more likely to enjoy the shopping experience. A welcome sign on the door or window that indicates which rules should be followed can enable customers to shop without feeling worried.

By setting up sanitising stations, floor arrows and other safety measures you can make a return to high street shopping easier.

Discounts, promotions, sales

It’s always nice to receive a discount on a new item. Since the coronavirus pandemic has impacted many people’s income, discounts and sales can make a shop appear more inviting.

In order to let tell your audience about your offers, it can be beneficial to let your customers know through traditional marketing methods such as brochures, flyers and leaflets. Not only will this entice them with your offer, but it will also advertise that you are open again, and can be a cheaper alternative to digital marketing.

Attractive storefronts, signs, and advertisements

To attract more customers, find new ways to make your shop stand out.

Storefronts with appealing displays will draw more shoppers to them. Attractive signage is available in many different materials and sizes, from recyclable cardboard to foam.

New, interesting stock

Fashion trends and home decor choices have changed during the lockdown periods.

New styles have emerged on social media and many people have developed their own distinctive tastes. By browsing through Instagram and other social media channels you may find new products that you can display in your store.

Digital display units and in-store advertisement

By creating a whole new shopping experience, customers are much more likely to remember visiting your store. Incorporating digital displays and engaging shoppers through interactive apps and devices can make your brand even more memorable.

Allow your customers to learn more about your brand

Customers often appreciate learning more about how your brand is contributing to the community and certain causes. By showing what your brand stands for, you can start to build a much more personal relationship with buyers. Whether you choose to take a more entertaining, informative or visually appealing approach depends on how you would like to present your brand.

Many people have been longing for lockdowns to end to go out again, eat at their favourite restaurants, visit local pubs, see friends and enjoy some shopping on the high street together.

Shoppers will likely be open to trying out new products, browsing through the racks of new fashion stores and updating their wardrobe, and following the above tips could help attract them to your store.



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