My 3 Favourite Rye Whiskey Cocktails

If you like to drink whiskey, but it’s a bit tired of having it neat, it’s time to get away from the basics to make your drink even tastier with quite easy and tasty ingredients that can be found in your kitchen.

I like to experiment and learn some new cocktails every time I have a new bottle of this fine spirit at home. Regardless of whether you are on the team that likes drinks with a stronger flavour or the milder and even sweeter options, you can always find a perfect drink made with Rye whisky.

Rye is the spirit of my choice this month to prepare some summery drinks.  I have a gorgeous bottle of Oxford Rye – pure rye produced by The Oxford Artisan Distillery.

But I am not talking about just an average “rye whiskey”. I am talking about what it’s qualified as pure rye when the liquid must be under three years old. We can describe it as a “liquid rye”, the delicate and golden-coloured spirit that is twice distilled and then rested in American oak barrels to bring its best features.

The Oxford Rye has a gorgeous aroma of sandalwood and vanilla, with spicy notes on the palate. It was quite enjoyable to find the perfect combination of flavours to mix with this fine rye spirit. So, here are my three favourite rye whiskey cocktails to enjoy this summer.

# 1 Whiskey Passion

Passion fruit is one of my favourite fruits ever. It’s also a quite popular fruit in Brazil. So, I couldn’t resist and prepare my own version of a whiskey Passion cocktail. It’s quite easy to be prepared. But I do confess that I prepared a homemade passion fruit syrup.


1 ½ part – Oxford Rye

¾ parts – lemon juice

¼ Passion fruit syrup

Ice, Ice, a lot of ice

Instructions – shake all ingredients with ice and strain them into an ice-filled short glass.

2 # The Revolver

Who doesn’t have some spare liqueur at home? I know. No everyone. But I do have coffee liqueur here. So, why not try a classic The Revolver with Rye whiskey too? It’s another easy drink to be prepared that just need three ingredients to be ready.


2 parts – Oxford Rye

1 part – Coffee Liqueur

Orange peels as garnish

Instructions – Mix both Oxford Rye and coffee liqueur, then use orange peels as garnish. You can add some ice or try flaming the orange twists to give a bit of kick to your drink.

3 # New York Sour

Here is another adaptation to a classic cocktail. A New York Sour is a traditional drink that works perfectly with the distinct flavours of rye spirit. It’s definitely a gorgeous cocktail to serve to family and friends.


2 parts – Oxford Rye

1 part lemon juice

1 ½ part dry red wine


Instructions – Fill your cocktail shaker with ice, add rye whiskey and lemon juice and syrup. Shake well, and strain into glass over ice. Pour red wine over the back of a spoon to float on top of the drink.

What is your favourite rye spirit drink?

*I received the product complimentary from The Oxford Destillery for testing purposes

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