Safely and Securely Ship Your Car to Hawaii

Many people who are searching for an excellent place to live go to Hawaii every year. However, when travelling such a long-distance across the sea, there are several additional issues to consider, and it requires a great deal of preparation and planning.

For example, transferring all of your belongings to your new home is a significant consideration, but what will you do with your car? If you have your own transportation, settling into a new place will be much simpler, whether on the mainland or one of the Hawaiian islands.

With that said, learn everything you need to know about shipping your car to Hawaii via Hawaii car transport services in this article.

What Is the Procedure for Shipping Car to Hawaii?

To move a car to Hawaii, you’ll need to call a car shipping firm and schedule a pick-up. It might be arriving from your own house, a neighbouring car park, or even your workplace. Your car is loaded onto a truck and transported to one of the several West Coast ports.

Your automobile will then be loaded onto a ferry and transported across the Pacific Ocean. You have the choice of having it delivered to any location of your choice. The procedures are reversed if you wish to send a car from Hawai‘i.

To put it another way, you drive your car to a seaport in Hawaii, such as Honolulu, Kahului, Maui, Kauai, Nawiliwili Harbor, or Kawaihae. Subsequently, the vehicle is transported across the ocean, placed onto an auto carrier, and delivered straight to the customer.

Open-Air Car Transport vs. Enclosed Car Transport

There are essentially two types of automobile transportation available. Most individuals, including car dealerships, choose open automobile transportation since it is a very cost-effective option.

The automobiles are transported on a vessel without the protection of a shipping container. While this exposes the cars to the elements and other potential hazards, this is still a very secure and safe mode of transportation.

Enclosed auto transportation, on the other hand, is slightly more costly. This is because they offer a higher level of security to the automobiles they carry. Owners of vintage, customised, old, modern, premium, or modified cars are often advised to avail of this since the cars are protected on all four sides by shipping containers.

Getting Ready to Ship Your Car to Hawaii

Once you’ve booked your cargo with a car shipping company, ensure your car is prepared to go by prepping the inside and outside. Preparing your car for cross-water transportation will make the transportation process much easier for you and your car.

First and foremost, you’ll need to gather any relevant papers. When exporting an automobile to Hawaii, having the proper documents is usually necessary.

However, suppose you’re exporting from the islands to the mainland. In that case, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork before the car can be released for shipment. When you transport your automobile from Hawaii, this is what you’ll have to take on the day you set everything off:

  • A set of keys for your car
  • If your car has an alarm system, you can use the remote to open it and turn it on and off.
  • If your car is financed or leased, you’ll need the car title or a lienholder authorization letter.
  • The current registration
  • A government-issued photo identification card

When moving an automobile from Hawaii to the mainland when the owner is unavailable, the drop-off partner must give evidence of the owner’s authorization to transport the car.

The drop-off party must show proof of authorization from the lending institution authorizing the car to be transported when moving an automobile from Hawaii to the mainland, which is still being paid off.

It’s time to prepare the car itself after you’ve obtained all of the appropriate papers for your Hawaii auto shipment.

Ensure Your Car Has Enough Gas

First and foremost, ensure your car has nothing more than a 14-gallon gallon of gas. This is a safety precaution that must be followed by all naval boats that transport cars.

In other words, put the bare minimum you’ll need to get from Hawaii’s port to your final destination without going over the 14-hour mark.

Clean Your Car Thoroughly

After that, you need thoroughly clean both the interior and outside of your car to ready it for examination by US Immigration. Your best option is to have a cleaning service handled at an auto shop, but if you’re willing to put in a little effort, you could do it yourself at the house.

Cleaning your vehicle’s exterior before shipping will make it much easier when you collect it on the other side of the delivery. After you’ve taken care of the outside, it’s critical to clean the interior of your vehicle.

All personal things must be removed from the automobile, save those already attached, such as baby car seats, extension cords, spare tires, a jack, and floor mats, as required by law. Cleaning up your inside and removing personal stuff helps ensure that your car passes through authorities without a hitch.

Have Your Car Inspected for Issues

Once your automobile is spotless on the inside and out, it is strongly advised that you get it inspected at an auto shop to ensure that the brakes, windshield, and tires, as well as the batteries, are in working order.

Also, have your auto professional inspect the vehicle for any leakage or drafty areas. Suppose the car cannot be entirely closed and sealed after examination at the port. In that case, it may be denied for Hawaii auto shipping.


Shipping car to Hawaii can make getting around your new neighbourhood more manageable and convenient. Still, you will need to do all the necessary preparations and understand the various processes to ensure your car arrives at your new home safely.

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