Exploring Mindfulness with Your Child

Being mindful allows you to open out to the many common problems of the world, learning how they affect you personally, and what you can do to remain calm along the path. It’s also the new way to prioritise your time effectively and how to encourage more positive energy within the home.

For children, learning about mindfulness can be hugely valuable for their studies, teaching them about resilience and how to remain focused within the classroom. In this guide, from a girls independent school in Surrey, we’ll be looking at ways you can explore mindful activities that your child can learn to follow.

Set aside time each day to talk about mindfulness

When you have a dedicated window to discuss how to be mindful in school, with friends and family, then your child can aim to mimic these actions as and when they happen. Show them the importance of taking time away from studying, or spent in front of a screen, to look at ways to take meaningful breaks.

Practice deep breathing exercises

Meditation is the concept that comes to mind when thinking about mindfulness, but it’s not just about sitting cross-legged and counting to ten. It’s about how you take in those long, deep breaths and being able to control your thoughts as they appear. It’s easy for random thoughts to make you lose your flow, so show your child how to meditate effectively and learn how to remove those random thoughts from your mind.

Be kind to your mind

Meditating and handling any form of mindfulness doesn’t just happen as soon as you’ve tried it once. It’s also about how you can effectively bring your mind back to the breath – where its focus should remain. Observe your thoughts at first, how often they appear and if they’re positive or negative, and then aim to push these thoughts to the side.


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