Teaching Your Child to Resist Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a common issue that happens in school, when out with friends or even within families. The most known examples of peer pressure are cheating – in the form of tests or other ways, trying things that are not meant for children like alcohol or smoking, and promoting a bullying culture within a classroom.

When children do fall for peer pressure it doesn’t mean the learning stops there. There are ways to nurture your child to do better, learn from their mistakes and understand that the values they followed are wrong. But prevention is better than cure.

In this guide from a private school in Somerset we take a look at the ways parents can raise a child that can navigate through peer pressure.

Set clear values

A lot of a child’s experience comes from what they’re taught at a young age. Show them what is seen as right and what’s frowned upon in daily life, then get your child to look at what they know is right and wrong. Explain why you yourself hold these values and what these values mean to you, where you were taught them and why they’re important.

Teach your child to say no

Children that feel comfortable saying no are more likely to reject ideas that don’t feel right to them, or that upset them. As a child, most pressures they’ll face will be in school or among friends, so revolve conversations around those struggles and how they can practice saying no in front of others.

Show your child what consequences there could be

There are times when your child has done something wrong, which gets them into serious trouble. Children often learn from these mistakes – show them that there are consequences if they succumb to peer pressure and what can happen afterwards. Teachers, friends and family can be quick to show children what happens when they break the rules.


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