How to Raise an Environmentally Conscious Child

As children have to look after our planet, it’s important that we raise them with the right tools and information on how to protect the environment. From a girls prep school in London, we take a look at the ways children can be made aware of the environment.

Make games around recycling in the home

Practice how to recycle in front of your child by encouraging them to help you out in the form of games. Layout different pieces of rubbish that can be recycled – plastic bottles, cardboard and glass – among items that can’t be recycled and ask them which can be disposed of and which can be repurposed in the future.

They won’t get every one right the first time, but it’s great fun to see which your child picks and why. For those ones that they do get wrong, explain why they can’t be recycled just yet and what alternatives are available that are of less impact on the planet.

Ask them to help you build a Bug Hotel

Adding a bug hotel or a small home for solitary bees are popular ways to add wildlife to your home that your child can help you with easily. With bug hotels, you can actually use a lot of things you might already have lying around the home, like small pieces of cardboard or old bricks.

Ask them if they’d like to help with the setup and explain to them the reason why these bug hotels help the local wildlife for the future, especially when we’ve seen a rapid decline in bees in recent years.

Get involved in local eco-friendly projects

Litter picking in the woodlands or around the local area is a common way of getting involved in keeping your home clean, as well as making children aware of the impact waste has on the environment. Other ways children can get involved are by attending environmental talks, accessing media on how to help the planet and what ways we can improve our ways at home.

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