Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Bathroom

If you have already must go for this path before, you know, that decorating the bathroom can be a challenge – after all, this home space has many peculiarities and it must be functional, as well as visually pleasing. The good news is that combining the right coverings, floors and accessories is the ideal way to solve this dilemma.

No matter the size of your space, lining and decorating the idea is always make your bathroom more modern and functional. Renovating small or very old bathrooms may seem like an impossible mission, but with creativity and some decoration techniques, the space can be functional, charming, and modern.

Here are some ideas for renovating the bathroom. Check which one best suit your style:

Mosaics Tiles

Large tiles are giving space to other coatings, such as mosaic tiles. Quite popular in the 70s, as an external coating, today these types of tiles with a glazed texture can make your bathroom even more beautiful.

When you try different and colourful tiles it brings a simple and creative way to give a different touch to your bathroom decor.

Shower Cabins

Glass and transparent shower cabins are great features for bathrooms of different sizes and styles. They are gorgeous, full of charm and add even more value to your décor.

When choosing the bathroom shower cabin, we came across several options of materials and colours.

When talking about a small bathroom, the best choice is a translucent glass shower. With this material, in addition to bringing beauty to the box area, we were able to increase the feeling of amplitude as light passes through it easily and does not obstruct the view.

Plants and Wooden

In this washbasin, in addition to the mirrored wall that duplicates the environment, a wooden wall slat and plants that resist a humid environment and low light generate a very innovative effect.

Why not merge the two ideas? With lots of rustic wood in contrast to the tiles, this bathroom has become a very interesting and differentiated environment.

Wallpapers & Stone Walls 

Wallpapers specially designed for bathrooms can give a unique finish to the room. The most popular choices are geometric patterns and match the colours of the other elements. Betting on a coating that is rarely used in bathrooms can make the environment unique. The stone wall brings a rustic yet very refined effect when combining the stone-covered wall and the wooden floor of this toilet.

Classic Style

For those who like more classic environments, golden details, curtains full of ruffles and pendants, as well as a mirror with an antique frame, it is the perfect style for you. You can make the bathroom look like a palace or fancier.


I can’t imagine a bathroom without cabinets. This option is great for the space under the sink, mainly because in addition to helping with organisation and hiding the mess, it can also help with decoration.

Don’t miss the opportunity to use materials that help give a more modern look to the environment with a mirror finish or any colour of your choice.

In addition to quite elegant wallpaper, the cabinets covered in glass create an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.

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