Best Types of Exhibitions Stands for Your Event

Trade exhibitions are quite popular events that are usually prepared months in advance. It is important to get it right. Otherwise, you can miss feeling business opportunities. When well thought out and executed, exhibitions stand can be great influencers in the decision-making process of visitors, potential customers and brand partners who participate in trade fairs.

To ensure that, among all types of structures for this type of event, companies know how to choose the one that best fits the sales tactic.

It is also necessary to trace the profile of the target audience and the pre-established objectives, before choosing the best modular exhibition stands for your company.

Thinking about it, we put together six main types of exhibition stands based on their functionalities.

Basic Stand

This is the most popular for being a “more affordable” option for companies that do not have a high budget. The basic assembly stands are the simplest versions of the spaces.

In general, they have a standard size and shape and are created with a modular system — which usually consists of panel walls, aluminium profiles and a carpet covering applied directly to the floor of the event venue — with limited customisation possibilities.

But it doesn’t mean that some details can’t be added to the modular structure, you can invest in differentiated flooring, glass, in addition to textures such as wood and acrylic.

Container Stand

Companies seeking innovation and modernity among the types of exhibitors for fairs cannot miss the container stand.

Mounted inside a coated module, usually in PVC or drywall, it attracts attention at events and fairs because it is a new format and different from any type of stand. Its finish can contain anything from glass doors to a toilet and air conditioning, and, therefore, it surprises those who know its interior.

Its great advantage is the practicality of use and cost-effectiveness, which is usually better than that of fully customised options.

Stand Mezzanine

It’s just perfect for a project that focuses on combining sophistication and spatial use. The stand with mezzanine has been consolidated as an interesting option for companies.

Thanks to its differentiated structure and made up of open or semi-open space, the mezzanine offers an area that can be used as a showroom, living area, space for showing demonstrations or videos and receiving potential customers or partners.

Due to its design with accessible and spacious features, this type of stand directs the focus of visitors to visual communication.

Mixed Stand

The mixed stand is among the best price options for companies looking for an outstanding performance at fairs, but who do not have a large budget for such.

Combining characteristics of the basic and special types, the mixed assembly makes it possible to combine standard modulations with differentiated elements, which, used on a smaller scale, result in a unique project with an affordable value.

Its great differential is the possibility of getting closer to the brand’s visual identity, using specific materials that allow for greater personalization — such as dyeing and adhesives —, keeping as a base a structure made with less expensive inputs.


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