Work benefits that are guaranteed to attract new employees

You need to attract the best talent for your company. Your team can help your business to grow, innovate and storm ahead in the current market. However, attracting the right candidates for a role can be challenging.

There is a lot more to recruitment these days – a job advert with a brief description and competitive salary is no longer enough. You need to make your organisation stand out from the crowd on job boards and employee perks are one of the best ways to do that.

You should advertise your employee benefits package on your company website, job adverts and social media. Be proud of the perks at work you offer your team and how you contribute to their work-life balance. If you aren’t proud of your employee benefits package, it’s time to make some changes.

Here are some of the most popular work benefits to attract new employees.

Company car


A company car equipped with motor trade insurance is perfect for those travelling long distances for meetings, conferences, and different projects. Public transport can lead to employees being late for meetings due to train delays or cancellations. A company car can streamline the travelling process and is a valuable employee perk.

 Work laptop

Practical employee perks will be valued most by your team. A work laptop can help them to keep their professional and personal life separate.

They access everything they need to and work on the go if need be. It’s also a great option for those who might not be able to afford a new laptop for work. Your team needs to have high-quality laptops so they can work efficiently and smoothly all day long. Better technology can speed up your day-to-day company processes.

Training and development

Training and development is an important employee perk. Your team should be learning and improving their skillset all the time at work. Ongoing development can improve motivation and job satisfaction.

You could hold weekly workshops to improve on different skills and training days for leadership positions. Your team can work towards the next level in their career within your company. Ample training opportunities can improve your staff turnover and make your company a better place to work within. Win, win!


Your employees can save money and offset the lower salary with various perks. If you can’t offer a large salary for your employees, you could offer discounts on gym memberships, lunches and travel.

You could offer discounts on your own products and high-street stores. Discounts are one of the most popular perks with UK employees and are widely used. Employee perks can improve your company culture and make your team feel valued. Remember to consider each employee’s individual needs and offer personalised benefits packages for them.

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