Best Personalised Gift Ideas for Family and Friends

Personalised gifts are a great option to impress the people you care about. One way or another, sometimes ordinary gifts aren’t so much fun and don’t convey the affection and care you took when choosing.

But if you are not sure which personalised gifts to choose from, we have prepared some amazing ideas with tips on what to get for friends and family and delight the people you love.

Here are some ideas:

Sweets and Chocolate Hampers

In times of social distance, many were not able to be with the family. WE kind of learn how to be around without being present sometimes.

Now that the lockdown is leased, we still can make the day memorable with something amazing, delicious, enjoyable and with the advantage of being shared.

That’s why we think that sweets hampers are still the best choices of personalised presents for loved ones. You can’t go wrong with some sweet and chocolate treats.

Plus, these hampers are suitable for vegan and vegetarians as well, having a  wide variety of sizes and product styles to suit any budget or taste.


When we think of personalized gifts, one of the first things that come to mind is photo gifts, as they are a great idea to remember and perpetuate moments. The most traditional gift using a photo is the mug, but there are other more interesting ideas, such as pillows, and jewellery boxes.

For Him

When it comes to men, the best thing to do is to go according to their personality. Some would think that anything related to football is enough, but remember to make it more fun, trying to surprise him with pieces that he wouldn’t imagine to be gifted. From personalised mugs to sportive items, there is always room for creativity.

It’s quite possible the perfect present for him would be something more specific, such as  how to have a personalised registration number plate

For Her

It’s pretty much the same criteria here. Make it personal, but with a bit more creativity. If she likes to read, there are beautiful custom book covers and bookmarks.

If she practices any physical activity, it can be related to this, such as personalised gym clothes.



Think about his or her favourite movie, series, her favourite food, anyway. The pillows and mugs with messages valuing friendship are beautiful and make an excellent gift for a friend.

If she likes jewellery, a friendship ring can make the occasion more special. A knot ring is a perfect present for your besties. Afer all, a special piece of jewellery will be a present to be worn everytime they want.

Babies and Toddlers

For Baby Personalized baby gifts are a delight! In the case of a newborn, it can be the wreath with the child’s name to put on the bedroom door, the baby hygiene kit with phrases that show your relationship with it, such as “beautiful godmother”, “auntie’s love”, “the cousin’s pet”, among others, are always appreciated.

For Mother

Who never made the mistake of choosing a gift for their mother, as they end up buying something that is for the house and not exclusively for her? That’s not fair.

There is a range of personalised gifts for moms, such as mugs, slippers, t-shirts, photo frames and jewellery boxes. Just pay special attention to the tribute and choose a gift with phrases that represent how important and essential your mother is to your life.

 For Father

The super dad certificate can be accompanied by a personalised t-shirt, football, infographic board and one of the options we list as gifts for men.

If your dad likes to travel the custom neck pillows will be very useful and he will thank you whenever he uses them! They are used for air and bus travel.

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