Most Popular Coffees people like to make with their Coffee Machines

There is a running joke about all the different types of coffee people can enjoy now. You can go into a coffee shop and order a decaf, extra-shot, mocha frappe with caramel shot, and nobody bats an eyelid. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to coffee preparation, and in this guide, we’re exploring the most popular coffee machine drinks. 

 Our guide includes some information from DeLonghi coffee makers, as many of their models have quick, main panel options to easily prepare any of the six most popular coffee machine drinks. A quick and easy interface means you can enjoy any of their coffee at the press of a button, and many coffee machines have more options for users. Even if your standard coffee choice does involve some really specific preparation methods, you might well be able to produce it with a pod or bean to cup coffee machine at home or at work. 


Time for a quick pickup? Espresso can definitely do the job. Virtually every single coffee machine has the capacity to make an espresso. That’s partly because of the fact that espresso is also the basis for a lot of other drinks.

For instance, you can’t make a latte without an espresso, as this forms the basis for the drink. So, you can use espresso to make a latte, or you can just use it to drink on its own. Espresso can be a quick way to get an injection of caffeine into your system and make it easier to get through the next hour of work. 

Black Coffee 

Another of the DeLonghi coffee machine’s options for the most popular drinks is the old classic…a black coffee. Black coffee is still very popular around the world and there are many different ways to produce it. The drink is often made in the “Americano” style, which means Espresso with added hot water.  

 Black coffee is also suitable for adding milk if you want to sweeten it up a little. 


Once upon a time, people would have dreamed of having the ability to make a cappuccino at home at the touch of a button. Now, thanks to the advancements in technology, some bean-to-cup coffee machines, and even pod coffee machines can make cappuccinos, or at least this style of drink. 

 These will be best if they’re made in a machine that has a steam arm. Cappuccino is a light and frothy drink made by adding espresso to frothed milk, so more advanced systems will often do a much better job of this preparation. Pod machines can still froth a little and give an estimation of a cappuccino. If you want this sort of drink and have a steam arm separate from your machine, you can froth the milk yourself and add it to espresso.  

Latte Macchiato 

Often just abbreviated to “latte”, this is another favourite. The milk is a bit heavier than a cappuccino due to the fact that it is more lightly steamed rather than being frothed. This is a staple drink that people tend to order when they go to coffee shops, and that’s why it has become so popular for making on DeLonghi coffee machines. Because it is so popular, the majority of machines have an option for preparing a latte. 

Filter with Milk 

Keeping it simple. If your coffee machine has the ability to add milk to the drinks then you can set it to make you a filter coffee with milk. 

 These types of coffee can often also be great for batch-serving. Some machines allow you to make a full carafe of coffee with milk to serve at a meeting, or just to your dinner guests. 

Other Drinks and Steaming Systems 

The makers of coffee machines know that people want as much choice as they can possibly get from their coffee machines. That’s why many have introduced some really smart systems for frothing and steaming milk to give more of a voice and thorough, barista-style experience 

 Other drinks that can be made by coffee machines include flat whites, cortados, and many other variations. Different combinations of milk, espresso, and filter coffees can give you options to experiment. Some of the coffee systems also give you control over the strength of each drink. 

 DeLonghi coffee machine choices include “ristretto, espresso lungo, doppio+, latte, flat white, cappuccino, hot water and even an entire jug of long coffee.” 


There are so many different systems out there, and different ways to create similar drinks, but the same popular drinks tend to crop up time and time again. Certain types of coffee will always be really popular, and the likes of latte, espresso, and simple filter coffee will probably never go out of fashion. 

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