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I don’t know about you, but I like to have a special perfume every time I am at a different destination for my holidays. This way, I can bring back home memories of special days abroad or a staycation in Britain, and remember it every time I wear that particular perfume again. The fragrance is quite important for me for being part of my effective memory. That’s what I do, I like indulging myself in new fragrances, scents and smells during my holidays.

But let’s be honest, who never got a bit lost and overwhelmed when choosing and browsing a new perfume in department stores? I do confess it’s quite difficult sometimes to find a perfect match in the middle of so many different options.

I am obsessed with smells and finding new scents and aromas of perfume for new seasons is quite an exciting experience that shouldn’t be rushed. Don’t you agree?

I also understand that it can be a difficult task, especially when you can choose from a fresh fragrance for summer and spring to a warmer one for autumn and winter.

The truth is that the ideal perfume is one that makes you feel good, safe, and happy. And the choice of fragrance is something very particular. So, the best way to find the ones you like the most is to experiment as much as possible.

Take time to test the options on your skin before buying your favourite one. After all, everyone has their own scent, so the same fragrance can vary for different people.

To my luck, this month I had the chance to try a Perfume Experience Box by Pairfum with 12 different fragrance samples to choose from. It’s a dream box that comes in quite elegant packaging as well. And of course, I had this with me during my holidays in Scotland this month.

What is PairFum?

As you can already imagine, Pairfum is a luxury boutique perfumery house that develops authentic and exquisite fragrances with sophistication and a natural approach. We are talking about natural fragrances with the most unique scents.

The Perfume Experience Box is the ultimate trying fragrance experience that brings to the comfort of your home 12 Eau de Parfum samples with unique fragrances and smelling strips to try before testing them on your skin.

What is in the perfume experience box?

You are going to find 12 mini-bottles of exquisite fragrances to indulge yourself in the unique perfumes listed above and the smelling strips to help you to be more connected to your favourite scents :

  • Bergamot, Basil & Patchouli
  • Black Cherry & Oolong Tea
  • Cardamom, Tonka & White Oud
  • Ginger, Elemi & Vetiver
  • Grapefruit, Pepper & Black Cedar
  • Mandarin Blossom & Sandalwood
  • Neroli, Musk, Orange Blossom
  • Pink Rose & Sensuous Musk
  • Scarlet Rhubarb & Oakmoss
  • Sea Salt, Sage & Amber
  • Spiced Coffee & Oaked Vanilla
  • Spiced Rum, Lime & Guaiac Wood

My Pairfum Experience

I am not going to lie, after two weeks of indulgence in the most unique fragrances provided by Pairfum in this amazing box, I have my favourites already, and some other ones that probably wouldn’t work for me.

It’s important to remember that choosing the right perfume for your body is all about chemistry. But at the end of the day, it’s your personal preference that counts. And I guarantee you that I made the most of this full perfume experience.

Oriental – I just can’t resist the combination of warm notes of the oriental fragrances with rich spices. Its projection is moderate but striking. It has a moderate or long-lasting fixation, depending on your skin. They are just great for special occasions or to cosy up under the duvet after a long day of work.

I am all for warm scents, and I think I could spend the winter wearing the Spiced Rum, Lime & Guaiac wood, or Spiced Coffee & Oaked Vanilla my top favourites with no hesitation.

Fern – This is my to-go type of fragrance to go to work or even go hiking on a weekend out. I do love the freshness of aquatic notes and wood combined. That’s what makes Sea Salt, Sage and Amber and Cardamom, Tonka & White Oud other favourites.

Citrus – You probably noticed that I am totally sold on wood fragrances. I love the powerful combination that natural elements of nature and citrus fragrance can bring to a bottle of perfume.

That’s the reason that I fell in love instantly with Ginger, Elemi & Vetiver as well. That was an all-new scent to my skin and had just gone quite well to the sunny days of my holiday in Scotland.


As well as Scarlet Rhubarb & Oakmoss would be a great match for warm nights in Croatia or anywhere by the Mediterranean Sea.

I could go on over and over talking about each fragrance, but I think it is time for you to have your own Pairfum experience as well.

Why should you get your Perfume Experience box too?

I can honestly say that this box would be a great gift that would work perfectly on so many occasions. Like it was said before, some people just find it quite difficult to pick a perfect fragrance when browsing around. This box is a great way of finding your perfect perfume before buying a full-size bottle.

Plus, I would love to present it to my husband, father, or brother. Man is particularly fussy when it comes to smells. Some of them would find it quite great to find out there are amazing perfumes out there just to match their skin.

And if you have a friend to present with a perfume, but you have no clue about her personal fragrance preferences, here is the opportunity to find it out.

Overall, I am quite happy with the elegance in which this box was presented, and all the unique fragrances that were introduced to me here. You are always going to find your favourites

*I received the product complimentary from The Pairfum for testing purposes

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