Best Free Classic Online Games to Boost Your Memory


Memory games are a great way to keep your brain active. Many studies have proven that these kinds of activities help the human ability to retain information for longer.

If you are concerned about memory loss when getting older, prevention is always the best path to be taken. In other words, the concern with retaining memories and information must begin long before reaching old age.

After all, no one should expect to have memory difficulties to start exercising. The good news is that you have entertaining ways to boost your memory. We have several ways to train and entertain our brains at the same time. Some of these recreational activities involve online gaming. It can be fun, challenging, and educational.

Thinking about this, I have picked the best classic online games to brain train and improve brain fitness on a quite amazing solitaire game website free to everyone.

Daily Mahjong

Here are my favourite ones. Mahjong Solitaire uses tiles as opposed to the standard Solitaire cards. This is a one-player game, and the aim is to match patterns into pairs, removing them from play.

The graphics are nicely designed and aesthetically pleasing, making this a quite relaxing game.

As you must unlock the most possibilities, it’s always better to think strategically about your next move. If you get stuck, you lose the game.

Hidden Objects Game

It seems a quite simple game. But when it comes to hidden object game, the options here are numerous. And you need to be quite attentive to find all objects without wasting too much time. It’s great for those with a powerful photographic memory.

The China Temple is an interesting game, at the same time it is a tricky one too. The objects are quite similar, which makes the game more interesting and a great exercise for your brain.

Letter Scramble

If you like the classic Scramble, prepare yourself to be challenged at the letter scramble too. Letter Scramble is a quite great game to boost your memory. The set of letters are displayed on the screen at a quite fast pace.

You need to be fast and make as many as possible words. It’s a perfect match for those learning a new language and who needs to train and improve vocabulary in English.

Match 3 Game

Here is the one that can be quite addictive. I do confess that I prefer playing this kind of game when I am waiting for something and need to kill some time. Long haul flights, for example.

I have tried Candy House for the first time and got quite deep into it. A match 3 game is a quite logical game, in which you need to be strategic to don’t be stuck and end up your match possibilities quickly. Their clean visuals and simple mechanics can be relaxing.

Crossword Puzzles

Another winner, crossword puzzles is one of the best games to boost your memory. When we have an online version, it becomes easier and more entertaining.

Crossword puzzles are timeless, and their online versions just make our lives easier. You just need to type your answers on it and hope for the best. Crosswords in general are the best cognitive exercise for the brain, being a quite great tool against dementia.

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