Most Useful Musical Instruments to Learn

Have you ever thought about learning to play an instrument but don’t know which one to choose? After all, it can be a difficult decision, especially if you have no clue about musical instruments in general.

These days, with the proliferation of tutorials and apps on the internet, it’s much simpler to learn to do almost everything – and in a self-taught way.

However, it’s always recommended to look for the help of experienced teachers at the beginning of your learning path. Companies such as Deakin Music School can be a good match for your start.

But let’s clarify something before – no instrument is difficult or easy to play. It all depends on the skill of each one and on the effort, you have in practising the instrument.

Of course, there are musical instruments that are easier to learn because they are less complex and require less mastery or coordination.

It’s always a matter of practising and finding new ways of mastering it. So, here are some of the best instruments to learn.


The ukulele is a Hawaiian instrument that everyone loves, as it really has many advantages. It’s easy to play, it’s cheap, and it’s still easy to carry. Ideal for a beginner in this music business, right? Not to mention that Ukelele are quite a popular instrument nowadays.

Electric Guitar

Who never pretended to air guitar your favourite song? The electric guitar is one of the most played musical instruments in the world and its daily practice combined with viewing some tutorials on the internet may well be one of the ways to achieve success in a super-fast way.

So, being one of the elementary musical instruments, mastering it will open doors for you to master many other stringed instruments.


Here is my favourite instrument and the one I started learning when I was quite young. We all know it is also the more expensive, noisier, and larger.

But the drums are also an accessible learning musical instrument and very important for the deepening of musical knowledge in general.

This is because it requires strong motor coordination and meticulous ear control. In other words, the drums demand that those who play it have extra attention, as it will be their responsibility to dictate the rhythm of the music.


Probably the most popular musical instrument, flutes emit a very soft sound. It’s relatively easy to play and so it’s taught to children even at school. To start with, purchase a plastic flute, and you can purchase a wooden one when you have a greater command of the instrument.


Learning to play the keyboard is a challenge and each step you overcome will be extremely rewarding. We guarantee. However, persistence is critical and taking each step is essential.

So, start by practising the correct posture you should sit in and get to know each key of your new best friend: the keyboard.


The name violin is already music to the ears! We instantly remember beautiful orchestras and today it is common to see him in more popular songs too.

With only four strings, this instrument features tuning from the highest to the lowest and can be considered an elite instrument.

Bass Guitar

Another favourite. The one that I will take up lessons for soon. Learning to play the bass guitar can be relatively easy.

Furthermore, it is also satisfactory to play bass, isn’t it? And that is not easy to turn into a good musician with the bass. Mainly because connecting with the drummer is a skill that develops over time. However, it is a fun instrument and is less intimidating than it is the guitar for many.

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