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Bringing some friends and friends together is always a joy. Especially these days, when it seems that even in get-togethers people tend to keep a little more distance, focused on their social networks and smartphones.

Have you ever stopped to think when was the last time you played play outdoor games in a group, having fun with your loved ones?

During the holidays or even on the weekend, enjoying some fun moments with family should be part of your plans.

Doing activities together not only helps to unite everyone but, as a bonus, it also takes the children and adults away from the small screens for a few hours. Something that is quite difficult to be done nowadays.

Luckily, there are plenty of vintages outdoors games to entertain us on any special occasion.

This month, we teamed up with Jaques of London to review one of its most popular outdoors games – a Target Ball Game which was the perfect game to take on my holidays in Scotland some weeks ago.

What is Jaques of London?

Jaques of London is a family-owned business established in 1795, making iconic toys and games for the whole family.

It’s not one of the oldest toys and games makers in the world, but also the company responsible for inventing many well-known games such as Croquet,  Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Tiddledy Winks, among other popular ones.

This popular toy’s maker has produced quality handmade and educational outdoors and indoors games to entertain the whole family for 226 years.

Outdoor Target Game

I must confess that I am more like an “indoor games” kind of person. I can spend hours on jigsaw puzzles, Mahjong, and many other classic games.

However, I was quite happy to choose an outdoor game to make the most of the contact with nature, during my latest holidays on the remote island of Kerrera, in Scotland.

This Target Ball is a fantastic garden game to improve hand-eye coordination, develop precision, and it will give children a reason to play outside. With the guaranteed hours of fun time too.

It was great to leave my smartphone off for some time, indulging myself in quite competitive matches with my husband. This fun outdoor game comes with three target balls with a sticky surface, one inflatable internal core, and one resistant weatherproof cover. I just love its easy storage features, and colourful design.

It’s quite easy to assemble the product, and its resistant UV proof material, makes it’s a perfect game to join in any type of weather. All products are delivered in elegant packaging with Jaques of London’s vintage wrapped in historical and gorgeous tissue paper.

Get Yours Now

To celebrate the great moments outdoor, you can also have your Jaque of London’s outdoor or indoor game with 15% off on your first purchase. Click here to get your discount and, enjoy it!

You can choose from a range of traditional indoor or outdoor games to educational and favourite wooden toys too. Jaques of London toys and games are a perfect match for gifting family and friends on any special occasion.

*I received the product complimentary from Jaques of London for testing purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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