Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Decoration Ideas

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? I hope not. The truth is that Christmas is coming (soon) and many of us will start to think about decorating the house to welcome family and friends.

Especially after two difficult years without having our family gatherings on special occasions. For those who want to give a more special meaning to this Christmas, I would recommend investing in eco-friendly decoration.

It is possible to use only your creativity, to organise a more sustainable celebration using reusable materials to make a lovely sustainable Christmas decoration – besides, of course, helping to preserve the environment.

Use your imagination not just when you buy Christmas baubles, but also when building a personalized Christmas tree by reusing decorations and including photos of the people who will be present at the Christmas dinner.

However, these days, thinking about the environment is something as important as Christmas, so we chose some sustainable tips for you to decorate your home and reuse different types of materials.

Here are some ideas to help you create unique and original Christmas decorations.

Create original and unique Garlands

Making your own sustainable Christmas decorations also means making your own wreath. For this, you can bet on cork stoppers, plants from your garden, dried fruits, or even coloured materials made with cardboard or papers, for example.

These are perfect ornaments to hang by your fireplace, Christmas tree or in the outside areas of your home. To assemble the wreath, identify the utensils you will use for each material. Once ready, simply attach it to your door or wall.

What about building a garland made from wine corks?

Make charming Ornaments

What can be a better feature to your special occasion décor than LED lights? Placing LED lights inside unused glass jars, using wine bottles as a candle holder, betting on corks glued together to be pot rests are some other sustainable Christmas decoration ideas you can create for the special day.  Lighting is a quite special feature because it keeps the atmosphere peaceful,

At the same time, it gives a lot of charming mood to the ambient.

DIY Christmas Tree

I don’t know about you, but I think Christmas trees should be quiet personal ornaments. My Christmas tree is quite minimalist. It’s my way of seeing the date. Simple and with no big fuss about it.

I do believe that everyone should think about having a DIY tree at some point. You can be quite creative when it comes to sustainable materials as well.

My suggestion is quite simple – use wooden pallets to make your own tree. Everything you need is a hammer and some nails.

You can go for a tiny, medium, or big tree and let the kids help you in the décor made of recycled materials, of course.

Second-hand Decoration

What is the best place to find unique and different things than a charity shop? There is always a range of contemporary decorations to choose from.

All profits from our purchases go to some special and important cause. Not to mention, we can always recycle our decors to buy different ones the following year. A win, win!

For more sustainable Chrtmas, check Orianna’s post on an  environmentally friendly gift idea

*This is a collaborative post

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