Guide to Eco-Staycations This Autumn

The long-lasting effects of the pandemic have meant that, for many of us, holidays have been postponed and some outright cancelled due to the uncertainty of international travel. As a result, avid holiday-goers have been rethinking their plans and are looking at ways they can embrace eco-staycations instead.

With almost half of the global carbon footprint accounted for by transportation, fewer flights over the pandemic period have been good news for the environment and eye-opening for the eco-conscious. So if you’re looking for hidden holiday gems in the UK and for great ways to improve your green credentials, have a read through this guide and learn all there is to know about eco-destinations, eco-stays, and eco-packing tips and tricks.

Best holiday destinations in the UK

When someone asks, “where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?” – the typical answer is a place that’s a million miles away from home. But have we explored the landscapes closer to our doorsteps? 

If you’ve lived in the UK for years but haven’t been to the locations mentioned below, it’s time to add these to your eco-staycation list!


  • Cornwall
  • Bath
  • York
  • Edinburgh
  • Norfolk

Best eco-stays in the UK

You’ve lessened your carbon footprint by choosing an eco-staycation but how do you find an environmentally friendly place to stay?

When locating the best eco-stays, it’s important to ask the following questions:

  • Do they buy and sell eco-friendly products?
  • Is their food sourced sustainably and locally?
  • Do they recycle their waste and offer recycling points for their guests?
  • Do they have reusable energy sources, such as solar panels, windmills, or wind turbines?
  • What are their green credentials like, do they have certifications?

Researching your eco-staycation makes all the difference. By investing in environmentally-friendly individuals or businesses, you are positively contributing towards a greater demand for eco-friendly accommodation.

This means that, as eco-tourism gains momentum, other businesses will have to adapt to satisfy that demand, which in turn will create a greener industry overall.

There are plenty of eco-hotels in the UK. To help you get ahead of your eco-staycation list, The Scarlet hotel in Cornwall is a great place to start. This hotel’s ethos is to ‘cherish the world’ by making sustainability their way of life. The Scarlet takes great pride in considering the life cycle of products, reducing landfill impact, and monitoring their carbon emissions year on year – and much more!

If hotels aren’t your vibe, you can always stay with eco-conscious individuals using sites like Airbnb. What’s more, your host will be able to offer you greater insight into the local area, offering up information about the best places to visit, eat and enjoy. 

Places like the Hobbit Hideaway in Scotland use 100% of renewable electric energy and the water comes straight from the spring!

If you want to be just that bit closer to nature, you can go one step further and pitch up a tent.

Eco-packing tips for holiday

Didn’t realise there was such a thing as eco-packing? Let’s take a look at what can easily be missed!

Travel-size products

Miniature shampoos, conditioners, gels, and deodorants may save space in the luggage but the throw-away nature of these containers is incredibly wasteful and harmful to the planet. Now that we’ve ditched the flights, it’s time to ditch the travel-sized products too! You won’t be having to weigh your luggage, so invest in reusable bottles or, even better, wash soap bars that can be used until they disappear! Buying eco-friendly products and selling eco-friendly products has never been easier!

Needing to buy clothes, especially for holidays, and having two separate wardrobes is a sure-fire way to fuel the fast fashion industry. Help to save the environment by upcycling or by purchasing clothes that have been made sustainably with reusable energy and organic, pesticide-free materials.

Unsustainable snacks

It’s easy to grab yourself a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar for the road trip but what happens to the wrappers? Opt for quality snacks such as vegan chocolate that’s not only free from animal products but comes in sustainable packaging too!

One-use bottled drinks

One bottled drink easily turns into two or three, so to break the vicious cycle, pick up a stainless steel reusable Leiho bottle that can be used time and time again. Think about how many one-use plastic bottles you could save by investing in one reliable, stylish bottle that you can use throughout the duration of your staycation!

Simone Ribeiro
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