Best Affordable Alternatives to Pandora Charm Bracelets


Halloween is just around the corner, and I know you are not missing the chance of celebrating it this year. Charm bracelets are part of the deal when it comes to accessorising your look for a party or a special occasion.

Jewellery has been used for centuries to enhance appearance as well as show status. Fortunately, nowadays, we have a wide range of styles to choose from.

From costume jewellery, semi jewellery to fancy ones, and to choose them depends only on how much you want to invest because, in terms of quality, semi jewellery is positively surprised and cost much less than real jewellery.

I have worked with jewellery for about five years, and one important thing that I have learnt about it is understanding the personal and emotional value of those pieces for some people.

Bracelets are no longer just jewellery pieces worn in the summer or warmer days. There were versions of luxury bracelets even for semi-jewels, and of course, with a much more affordable price that can be worn every season.

It’s possible that you already heard about the giant jewellery Pandora – a brand that is known for its charm bracelets. Despite its popularity, as you may know, Pandora is not quite affordable. Some of their new collections start from £99, which let’s be honest, is quite a lot of money to spend on a bracelet with charms and beads.

But what makes an exclusive piece of jewellery so special?

To starts, it’s all about its high craftsmanship and unique design. All pieces have exquisite design

For this reason, I have found an affordable alternative and ideas in charm bracelets to go for that are also excellent in quality, design, and personal value made by Gnoce jewellery.

Red Eye Snake – Halloween Collection

If you are in the mood of celebrating Halloween this year but want something more authentic, I would recommend you go for this exquisite red-eye snake bracelet. An 18k rose gold plated piece in a delicate and sophisticated crafted bracelet in the shape of a snake.

Alpaca Charm  

I do confess having a thing for alpacas, but who doesn’t? I just loved this charm pendant in sterling silver charm that is a perfect lucky charm for those who would like to visit the Andes in Peru someday and check these amazing animals with your own naked eyes.

Personalised Charm Pendant

Christmas is also around, and I can’t imagine a more precious gift than this amazing, personalised charm pendant for the special ones in your family. A unique present with the touch of a customised photo of your preference that fits all made brands of bracelets and necklaces.

Movie Anime Charms

There is nothing more exciting for kids than a nice charm bracelet with their favourite anime and film characters. This beautiful 18k gold plated voodoo doll pendant charm made of 925 Sterling Silver is my favourite one. It would be a gorgeous Christmas present for my nieces.

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