15 Ways to Eliminate Negative Energy from Your Home

During the lockdown and the whole Pandemic period, we have spent quite a lot of time at our homes. Keeping my house organised, cleaned, and of course, revigorated with positive energy was something fundamental to get through those difficult times.

It’s possible that some days stuck at home, we felt a bit down and under the weather. But if this feeling becomes something constant, causing even headaches, insomnia, and tiredness, it may be time to eliminate negative energies from the environment.

These tips can help improve your mood and inspire positive feelings for all living in the house.

Renew the Energy

We are made of energy. The ideal is always keeping our energy up. But a simple step to remove negative energy from your home is to open all the windows now and then and let the air renew itself (even if it’s cold outside). Movement and flow clean energy.

You can also close your eyes and imagine the space being cleared and re-energized for a few seconds if you like. In the meantime, shake out your pillows and bedding. Fresh air is everything!

Light an Incense

Do you like incense? If it does, make the most of them. The fragrant smoke of incense is a spiritual and meditation practice – so why not try it at home?

This can help improve energy and create a calm and serene atmosphere. There are numerous benefits of burning incense at home, and it’s affordable and with several fragrances and aromas too.

Fix or dispose of broken furniture and Objects

My grandmother was a quite superstitious woman. With her, I have learned that broken objects at home should be always disposed of.  Even if this object has a special meaning for you, it may not be worth keeping on. Broken things can bring that stuck, negative energy into your home.

Using Essential oils

I don’t know about you, but I love essential oils and I use it in many ways at home. The truth is that some specific aromas such as orange oils reminiscent of a summer day, with lots of sun and joy.

It certainly cleans up the environment and lifts your mood. Dilute the oil drops in a little water and spray through the rooms.

Buying or making an air purifier with pure essential oils helps clean out the negative energy.

Clear clutter as Quickly as Possible

Cluttering is not a good match for good energy and vibes. Objects retain a lot of energy, both mental, psychological, and even spiritual. It’s quite dangerous to keep your home messy, and it will certainly mess up your well-being as well.

So, that’s the reason that when you organise your stuff, you feel better. Not to mention that clutter can also make you feel tired and stressed.

Burn Sage

Here is my favourite. I am burning sage every single beginning of the month with no regrets. Burning white sage rolls around the house by moving them counter-clockwise is another good idea to cleanse the energies.

Sage is a powerful tool when it comes to energy. As well as Palo alto, and I think anyone should try it.

Bet on Plants

In addition to the many benefits that plants bring to us and to the home, they are also a natural filter for bad energies. How about leaving a vase in each space?

I must keep mine in the kitchen because I have a cat at home that loves to eat them. But if you are pet-free, I would recommend you bet on plants. After all, green is always good.

Use a Black Tourmaline crystal

I do confess that I must understand a bit more about crystals. I have some. But I don’t know how to use them. The black tourmaline crystal is a powerful one. It is recommended to scatter them around the house for greater impact.

Rearrange the furniture

Rearranging the furniture can do wonders for your home’s energy. While there are specific Feng Shui rules, I like to rearrange them based on how I feel in the environment. You don’t need to make extreme changes: it can be changing the angle of a chair or even moving the vase in another direction.

Ring a Bell

I do confess that this one is a new thing for me. The good news is that I have a bell at home. I use mine on meditation and it is the ritual that should be used more.

But what I didn`t know was that just ringing a bell in each corner of the room and on the door is already something amazing.  Mentally set the intention for the sound waves to carry the negative energy away and bring the positive energy inward.

Yellow Walls

Another new thing for me. But apparently, colour plays a key role in the home and can help counteract bad energy. When it comes to decorating terms, it can help the room look bigger, warmer, and cosier.

Sea Salts

I would love to keep using sea salt in the house, but for cat owners that can be a bit tricky. Sea salts have a natural ability to absorb negative energy.

If you are moving to a new home, put rock salt in the four corners of each room. After 48 hours, vacuum up the salt or sweep up and discard.

Avoid Sharp Angles

One of the most important rules in feng shui is to remove as much furniture and sharp-angle objects as possible. We know it’s not easy, but investing in vases, lamps, tables, and other circular objects will bring positive energy to your home.


I do love mirrors. But I also know a lot of people who don’t like them. But the truth is that they play a quite important role in keeping positive energy at home.

To attract positive energy, spread several mirrors around the house – but avoid those with sharp edges. They also help to clear the mind.

Care About Your Entrances 

Outward-facing doors and windows are energy intakes. To keep these areas clean, fill a bucket of water with lemon juice, salt, and white vinegar and rub the mixture over door handles and windows.

After that, pour sea salts on all the entrances and cover with the doormat to prevent the entry of bad energy.


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