Most unusual professions in the World

Let’s be honest, this global pandemic made us rethink a lot so aspects of modern life. From personal relations to health issues. But it was the career plans that probably changed for most of us.

With the end of the year approaching and, we also start discussions about careers, salaries, professional growth, market, and related topics to evaluate what was good and bad about it.

We also know that young people in decision-making will certainly opt for traditional – and more stable – careers such as law, administration, and medicine. By the way, if you are interested in following an SEO marketing path, visit

However, there are certain professions that deviate from the conventional and many people do not even know of their existence. Let’s see if you would be courageous enough to choose a career in one of these unusual jobs.

Mystery Consumers

As you can imagine, a secret customer goes to numerous types of businesses and stores, anonymously, to assess the quality of various aspects of the business, such as products, services, and environment.

They usually work for companies that want to gather information about their competitors or simply come up with new ideas and improve their performance.

Golf Course Diver

I do confess that this one is not for me, as I find golf quite a boring sport. But I am sure it can be a great job option for young people.

The responsibility of this professional is to find the balls thrown by the golfers in stretches of water, sand and between trees. I can imagine some tips and commissions can be attractive in this kind of work.

Coffin Tester

I guess this is not the most popular kind of job. But I can imagine it not being the most complicated one. The coffin tester tests the coffin’s comfort and other details. To exercise his profession, he needs to lie in the burial urn for a set time and analyse each required aspect.

Dice Inspector

If you like repetitive movements and don’t mind spending time looking at some objects for hours, this is the job for you.

A dice inspector needs to make sure that all six sides of the cube have the same measurement and that they have the same weight, as any error can interfere with the result. Imagining that part of this job is literally rolling the dice and testing each one, as they need to be perfect.

Pet Food Taster

I do love my cat. But I can’t imagine trying or testing his food. Dog and cat food and biscuits need to be tested by trained professionals, responsible for ensuring the quality, nutritional value, and flavour of the food.

The good news is that most pet’s food is made of natural ingredients. So, the taste must be quite like our food. What do you think?

People Pusher

I do confess that I wouldn’t be able to go for this one without wearing protection such as in one of these cases. But unlike much of the list, this profession is unique to a certain country: Japan.

The job of these professionals is, literally, to give people a little push when Japanese subways are too crowded, to ensure that no one is left out – in addition, to avoid season delays and accidents. Yep. You will be paid for this kind of job.

Pigeon Scarer

Every time I see someone feeding pigeons in the street, I think about this job. Did you know that many hotels in some countries hire people to drive away from the pigeons?

It’s quite understandable. Pigeons make a quite big mess around. The aim of these professionals is to prevent birds from disturbing guests or contaminating the hotel’s facilities.

Professional Queue Holders

So-called “waiters” do something most people try their best to avoid saving a place in line. They work mainly on busy days in commerce, like Black Friday, and on product launch days, like iPhones. Not the most exciting kind of job, and I can’t imagine it is well paid either.

What do you think about these unusual jobs? Would you go for any of those? Remember not quite popular jobs probably have more offers to go for.

They are perfect for those who need to make some extra cash. Maybe you are looking for an ideal home in a new country like Canada. We never know. By the way, buy Mississauga Real Estate to find your perfect home.

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