Montreal Classic Brown Leather City Bag

Let’s talk about an accessory that is increasingly used by men: the men’s bag. And if you still think that this accessory has any resemblance to the handbag, I am afraid, you are wrong.

The truth is that men’s bag is stylish, practical, functional, and more and more necessary. Today, in addition to wallets, cell phones, and keys, men need to carry many other items.

Among them, are papers, notebooks, documents, chargers, tablets, computers, and even clothes. A bag, in this case, it’s ideal for unburdening your pockets and carrying everything you need.

As you have so many different types to go for, it’s always better to test the models and functionality before making your decision.

The good news is that this month, I am teaming up with Trend Him to test and review a classic leather bag. And I know you may be thinking, what do you know bout men’s bags? Well, I am writing this review to find it out together.

How to choose the ideal Men’s bag?

To choose the most suitable one, you need to consider your style, the occasion, and the factors that differentiate one men’s bag from another.

There are adequate models for working, going to the gym, or even travelling, as it holds both personal and work items.

Whoever wants to buy a men’s bag has an eye on functionality, comfort, and design. Therefore, manufacturers invest in different models to suit all styles and needs. The most modern bags offer from two to six dividers, whether internal or external and of different sizes.

Thinking about my husband’s needs and style, I have chosen a compact and stylish bag, like this Montreal classic leather bag which is not big but holds enough space to carry essential items such as car keys, a smartphone, and a wallet.

I knew he would like to go for something designed to be comfortable and practical – just like this bag.

What did I think of this bag?

To start with, this crossbody-style bag is compact, slim, and lightweight. Perfect to carry around in public transport or leave in your work locker.

It can also be used on your shoulders in the traditional way, and the adjustable straps make it comfortable to transport heavier objects around such as a tablet.

I love its slim design. Leather bags are elegant and resistant.

Let’s talk about compartments

An ideal bag has lots of compartments and zipped pockets. It is fundamental to guarantee organisation and easy access to your objects and belongings.

In other words, pockets in men’s clothing are no longer sufficient to accommodate all these belongings. This city bag features two larger compartments – one secured and padded for your tablet – along with one zippered pouch.

Plus, a leather keyring to keep from losing your keys. The exterior offers one roomy zippered pocket on the back, plus one more zippered pouch on the front. How not love it?

Why should you choose this men’s bag?

As we have seen, the great advantage of using the men’s bag is that you unburden your pockets and still have the possibility to take with you all the items and belongings you will need during the day.

Another benefit of men’s bags is that they are versatile, matching different occasions. The most famous and popular, this bag is modern, practical, and fits both formal and informal settings.

This model can be useful for some situations, including going to the supermarket or short outings.

We both recommend that you choose this bag if you are looking for a model to organise and separate personal and work items and access them conveniently and quickly. Here’s your match!

*I received the product complimentary from Trend Him for testing purposes

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