How to Furnish Your Student Accommodation

Student accommodation isn’t known for its trendy, cutting-edge aesthetic appeal. Rather, it’s far more likely to be basic, boring and beige. So, how to furnish your student accommodation and put some personality into your surroundings? 

Easy! Here are a few ways you can jazz up your bedroom in your student accommodation and make it feel more like home. 

Brighten up your bed with attractive bedding 

Your bed probably takes up most of your room, so make it a feature with attractive bedding. 

Although comfort is definitely a factor when it comes to bedding, you don’t have to spend a fortune on 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets. There is plenty of beautiful bedding sets far cheaper than the likes of Wilko and Primark. 

And, to be honest, while 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets are undoubtedly bliss to sleep on, they usually come in plain, neutral colours and are not covered in rainbows, cats or aliens, or whatever your preference is. 

If you do go for quality over colour though and you refuse to sleep in anything less than 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton, you can always buy a colourful throw to put on your bed in the daytime to liven it up. 

But to really put a unique stamp on your bed, buy a sewing machine and make yourself a quilt. Be warned though, if you do make yourself a quilt, your friends will all want one too (although if funds are tight, sewing can be a lucrative side hustle!) 

Cover the floor with colourful rugs

For even more colour, don’t forget the floor. Rugs are an often overlooked way to completely change the whole look and character of a room. 

There are so many rugs to choose from, you’ll probably have finished your degree by the time you decide which one to get but, if you do get a rug, not only will it liven up your room, it’ll keep your feet warmer in winter too. 

Place plants around the room

Plants are a fabulous way to make a room feel more homely. If you can’t be bothered with trying to keep a plant alive, buy a low-maintenance plant such as a cactus or succulent. If you prefer plants a bit more leafy and a bit less spiky, then a spider plant should suit you as spider plants are happy to be ignored as long as you remember to water them now and again. 

Of course, for really low-maintenance, un-killable plants, there are plenty of realistic artificial plants you can buy that look just like the real thing. 


There are so many different options for lighting up your room. Table lamps, fairy lights, floor lamps and electric tea lights are just a few ways to add some lighting to your room – either for extra light or to create a certain mood. 

You may love the thought of dozens of candles creating a warm atmosphere but you’re probably not allowed to burn candles in your room. With that in mind, stick to electric or battery-operated lighting if you want to prevent burning down your student accommodation or not getting your deposit back. 

Use damage-free strips and hooks

However, if you decide to liven up your room in student accommodation, remember to check your agreement for what you can and can’t do. For example, you might not be allowed to use Blu Tack to put posters up or bang nails into the wall on which to hang pictures. 

That doesn’t mean you have to live with bare walls though. There are damage-free strips and hooks such as Command Strips (or own-brand equivalent) you can buy that allow you to put things on the wall without making a dent in the wall or your deposit. 


Simone Ribeiro
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