Home Vac H11 – Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Eufy by Anker

Here is something to finally take out of my wish list – a cordless vacuum cleaner. I always looked for a vacuum cleaner that would be compact, and perfect for my needs.

In my head, finding the best vacuum cleaner for your needs has the power to take your cleaning routine to another level. We must agree that choosing the ideal filter must be based on your cleaning routine and the type of debris to be collected.

That’s because, in addition to being battered-powered, a vacuum-like this one is a good alternative to carry out punctual cleaning to replace the shovel and broom. But it looks like I found a match!

I am glad to introduce here the Home Vac H11Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Eufy by Anker.

What is Home Vac H11 by Anker?

Vac H11 is a compact and lightweight completely cordless vacuum cleaner that is perfect for dealing with dust and small crumbs and unreachable dirt around the corners of our home.

Remember that, to keep your vacuum cleaners suction always up to date, it is important to change your filter or empty it whenever you notice a drop in its suction power.

This Home Vac H11 has strong suction that lasts up to 13 minutes of max suction cleaning time from a full charge. It’s a 2-in-1 crevice tool to reach into the deepest corners of your sofa or under low-lying furniture. It fits seamlessly into any room.

At the same time, it’s suitable for reaching delicate and softer surfaces such as computer keyboards too.

What is in the box? Together with the Eufy HomeVac H11, you will receive a 2-in-1 Crevice Tool, a USB to Micro-USB cable, and a Worry-free 24-month warranty.

Why should you get a Home Vac H11 too?

Firstly, it’s the most practical equipment that you would and should get for your home. That’s because, in addition to making your day-to-day easier, it will have the power to reduce efforts when keeping everything in order.

This cordless vacuum cleaner is good for picking up out-of-the-way dirt. In general, the handheld vacuums are an accessory to the two-in-one upright vacuums, but you can also find them in their separate form.

The biggest advantage of this handheld model is getting to seemingly unreachable dirt and replacing the double shovel and broom.

Its sleek and non-slip design allows for comfortable and precise handling, and it can be kept in smaller places in the house. The battery life is quite good as well. I didn’t see any necessity to charge it up yet, even after using it for several days in a row.

If your home has a variety of floors or different carpet textures, it’s important to choose a practical appliance like this. It’s easy to assemble and clean. And if you have pets as I do, it’s just perfect for dealing with spare food, and fur, and pet hair in general. The surfaces and my cat’s everyday mess can be cleaned in minutes.

*I received the product complimentary from Anker for testing purposes

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