Nano II 30W UBS Charger by Anker

Chargers are essential for smartphone operation. These accessories are used to recharge cell phones, which allows for frequent use of these devices. For those who depend on smartphones and other devices to work, a high-speed charger is an essential piece of equipment.

These fast chargers are very useful items for those who need to have their cell phone battery all the time but don’t have several hours to let it charge.

And if you are those who believe that mobile phone chargers are all the same, you are completely wrong.

The purpose of turbochargers is to charge your device in the shortest time possible. For this, it is usually used as an exclusive technology, completely different from that of conventional chargers.

As I depend on my smartphone to work 24/07, I decided to test the Nano II USB charger by Anker to check the power of this device that promises to charge faster than any other device of its kind.

 What is the Anker Nano II charger?

The Anker Nano II is an Ultra-Compact USB-C Charger for Phones, Tablets, and Notebooks. This charger is Powered by GaN II Tech which reduces the size of our chargers without compromising power to make this charge a powerful mobile device mobile.

The fast chargers also have more efficient ways to take care of your phone’s battery while it charges. The idea is to have one single product that works faster than most standard chargers in the market.

We save time and money investing in the Anker Nano II that has the power you need to charge most of your personal devices with just a single charger.

Elegant and compact, the Anker Nano II features its matte black finish, and its downsized design makes this product quite practical to carry around.

It is 59% smaller than an original 30W USB-C charger, taking up less space while giving you just as much power. It’s compatible with most iPhone and Samsung devices too.

Why should you get an Anker Nano II charger?

To start with, I have noticed a huge difference in charging time since I have started to use this charger. My phone will be 100% fully charged in less than 30 minutes.

Ordinary chargers power the battery via cables and USB ports. USB ports are just one of the factors that influence cell phone battery charging. Quite simply, the big difference between regular chargers and high-speed chargers is the amount of energy the fast charger can deliver.

In addition, the material it is made of is extremely resistant and, although it is not the lightest in its category, makes it an excellent high-speed charger to always have on hand.

Another feature to highlight is that the plug does get warm through use. We all noticed that standard phone chargers can warm up quite quickly when using them for a long period.

With Anker’s unique technologies, connected devices are completely safe from unexpected power variations or even short circuits that could damage the devices.

*I received the product complimentary from Anker for testing purposes

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