How to prepare for doing DIY at home

I truly believe that our house reflects our essence. Each part of our home and each room say a lot about our personality, tastes and mood. No wonder that, from time to time, we want to renew the air at home. Every change is always welcome.

But if you think that renovating a house takes a lot of work or is too expensive, it’s time to deconstruct this idea and invest in things that will make all the difference in the result. Find out now how to get your hands dirty and leave each space with your trademark.

Be Creative

I don’t know about you, but I do like to follow tutorials on social media. Nowadays, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to doing it yourself (DIY).

Anyone can find customised solutions for home improvement. This is quite helpful, especially when your budget is a little tight.

Not to mention that you are going to have valuable tips on safety measures when starting our DIY, such as investing in some reliable PPE safety glasses beforehand to prevent and avoid accidents.

When watching videos on how to renovate your home. Write down everything you’re going to do and get to work.

Create a Checklist

To begin your house renovation, do an assessment of everything you already have at home. Why not sort out cool items that are stored in a box and let your imagination run wild?

Before disposing of furniture, see if you have any possibility of revamping. Many of them will be able to get a new face and come back with another role after the renovation.

After deciding what should go, what should remain or what will be refurbished, it is time to provide the materials for the renovation to refresh your home.

Start in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house. After all, it is from this space that delicious food comes out, and families and friends like to gather. That’s why it must always be cosy and practical.

Generally, what makes the kitchen stands out is the furniture, especially if it is suitable for the space. A good idea to renovate this room, without needing a lot of changes, is to paint the tiles and floors with epoxy paint- which will give you a high-performance coating.

Another great idea is to paint it, change doors and add furniture stickers as well. Choose warm colours to give a bit of character to your kitchen.

Home Office

If you are focusing on having room to study or being productive, a home office should have functionally furnished.

Also, create some small shelves to accommodate books, pen holders, and other objects.

Use a cork mural to use post-its with important notes and reminders. But if you also use this space to relax while listening to music or reading a good book, install a hammock. A bookshelf with vibrant colours will also be a great addition to the space.

Make a curtain, modernise the paintings, with paint and appliqués, and make a lamp that matches the environment. Be sure to invest in colours that evoke tranquillity and rest, and don’t forget to invest in different ornaments to give more personal touch to the room.

Cosy Living Room

To start the renovation of living rooms with the right foot, it’s always better to count on paintings on the walls.

You can opt for the monochromatic concept or be a little more daring, painting a wall in a stronger colour or using wallpaper, of course.

Change the curtains, and the cushion covers and give a little personal touch to your walls with painting and photo frames.

To make the environment cosier, DIY a lamp or other accessories of your choice, and don’t forget a nice potted plant to give your room more life.

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