Why is Reading so Important for Children?


Reading unlocks the doors to new worlds and can give a child the opportunity to become a literary genius. It can aid brain development in more ways than one by encouraging creative thought and pulling children away from their pesky devices. We have teamed up with an English language consultancy firm to explore why reading is so important for children. Read to learn more.

Deeper Concentration

With the rise of 15-second Tik Toks and YouTube Shorts, our concentration span is being primed to become shorter and shorter. Reading is a self-paced activity that can help to increase your child’s concentration. It gives your child a storyline to get hooked on, where the focus is needed to pay attention to key events and make connections.

Builds Your Child’s Curiosity

Books allow your child to explore areas of the world that they may have never given thought to before. There are books for almost every passion and genre that you could ever think of from extra-terrestrial life to bee farming. This gives young brains the stimulation needed to grow and become more knowledgeable.

Improved SPAG

Reading can teach children how to properly structure their sentences and introduce them to new vocabulary. This can help them with their writing skills and improve their understanding of written communication which can come in handy in a range of subjects.

Reading Fluency

Through increased reading practice, your child can get quicker and sharper at understanding literature and that too with accuracy. A skill that can be useful at the time of an exam.

Creative Thinking

Imagination brings characters to life and is needed when children are reading storybooks. To set the scene, imagine what characters look like and what could potentially happen next. This can aid your child’s development as this is a valuable skill needed for critical thinking and problem-solving.

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