How to Raise a Respectful Child

Respect is the basis for all relationships and learning how to be respectful can help your child to develop the social skills needed to interact with others in society. We have teamed up with a boarding school in Berkshire to share tips on how to raise a respectful child.

Respect is Something That is Earned

By teaching your child to treat others the way that they would like to be treated, you can raise a respectful child that is kind and considerate of others. These are the fundamentals for building social skills and developing relationships with others.

Reminding Them to Use Their Manners

Using manners is the most basic form of respect as they help to demonstrate your gratitude and appreciation for others.

Teach Your Child About Compassion

Having an understanding of emotions can help your child to think about their actions and how they may make someone feel. This is something that might take some time as emotional intelligence comes with age. If you have a toddler, you can alert them when they have upset someone and familiarise them with what this emotion looks like.

Taking a Moment to Think

Often when we’re rude to others, it’s when we act on impulse. When in a heated situation or when someone says something means, encourage your child to take a moment to breathe. This will help to reduce their heart rate and help them to think clearly before reacting.

Dealing with Negative Emotions

Another reason that we’re disrespectful to others is hurt. When we’re going through a tough time, it’s easy for us to let our frustration out on others. To release that pent-up anger, you can work with your child to practice mindfulness and have conversations with them about how they’re feeling.

Avoid Negative Talk

Speaking rudely to others in your child’s presence can condone this sort of behaviour and lead to it being picked up. Always be conscious of your actions and try to take a step back when in a hostile or frustrating situation to prevent this from happening.

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