Understanding Your Child’s Curriculum


To help your child reach their full potential, it’s important to push them and be actively involved in their education. Something that you can do once you have an insight into what they’re learning and the know-how to support them. The curriculum is always changing and is the basis for what your child learns, which is why staying up to date is crucial. A private girls prep school shares how you can understand your child’s curriculum below.

Speak with Your Child’s Teachers

To find out more about what your child’s learning at school, the first port of call would be their teacher. Parents evenings and assemblies are designed to give parents an insight into what their child is learning. Conversations aren’t just exclusive to your annual classroom visit; you can discuss how your child is getting on outside of this time too.

Visit Government Sources

Plenty of government guidance is available on the national curriculum for parents. We would always suggest following this up with a visit to the school’s website where details of the curriculum followed are listed as there can be slight differences.

Get Your Child to Teach You

This might be a funny concept but can help your child with their learning by getting them to re-read class notes, allowing you to find out what their learning and where they’re struggling. Show a keen interest in their work when they tell you as this will show them how important their learning is and encourage them to do well.

Books on The National Curriculum

These are like all-in-one guides that are available for each subject. They are typically used by teachers and outline where students should be in their development and what they should be learning. These can also be useful for parents that want to take up home-schooling or wish to tutor their children outside of school hours.


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