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You will probably agree with me, but adequate lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when decorating your home. It is a great decorative item that creates a fantastic atmosphere in any room of our home.

In addition to ensuring room lighting, it’s important to decide models and types of chandeliers in different colours, materials and sizes, the task of choosing the best one for your room can become difficult.

Decisions about the type of lighting you want to purchase and install in your home will be much easier if you understand one basic principle: Regardless of your personal needs, the typical home lighting plan consists of different types of lighting.

Thinking about colours, natural textures, and simplicity in the shapes of the furniture form the right recipe for choosing the right lighting.

For this reason, I am quite happy to review some pieces from Elesi lighting this month.

What is Elesi?

Elesi was founded on 30 years of collective experience in sourcing and specifying electrical products for residential and commercial installations.

The company understand that buying electrical and lighting products on the internet can be a bit tricky sometimes. Elesi offers work with manufacturers who care about the products they make; offer quality and value and are members of professional bodies and conform to their rigorous manufacturing and testing standards.

Industrial Pendant Lights

I do have a thing for industrial furniture and accessories. Industrial luminaires are designed for industrial environments, large surfaces, and high-height spaces. They provide general and intensive lighting.

In general, terms, precisely because they can make of materials we find in industries, with a fine and sophisticated finish, making this piece a bit rustic and elegant at the same time. Here are the Soho pieces that I have chosen to review and

Black Industrial Breakfast Bar Pendant Light

This bar pendant light will suit kitchen islands, hallways, dining rooms and living rooms. The metallic black shade directs light down and gives off a soft reflective shine. I love its finish and its wide, yet shallow pan shade and straight angular lines provide a masculine tone, and these lights are particularly suited to setting in rows to create statement lighting. Just beautiful.

This dining room shows that simplicity can be enough to create a charming and cosy atmosphere.

Here, the wood brings warmth and the soft lines of the furniture make the decor elegant. The pendant lamp follows this same idea. A glass globe can bring intimate light onto the table.

Denman Flat Vintage Industrial Edison Pendant

Pleasant lighting in the dining room is guaranteed to have a good time at meals with family or friends.

For that, betting on indirect light can be a good option. The pendant lamps are ideal for achieving this effect and still create a very charming decor.

For this reason, the Denman Flat Vintage Industrial Edison Pendant light from Soho Lighting is a beautifully designed vintage-style light that showcases the light bulb perfectly.

And if your ceiling is quite high, the only oversized pendant can light up the entire space. Note that the piece is made of laminated wood, without many details, following the simplicity proposal of the other elements.

Vintage Edison ST64 LED Light Bulb

To complement the vintage industrial pendant, I have picked a vintage Edison Led light bulb to bring that simplicity can be enough to create a charming and cosy atmosphere.

The pendant lamp follows this same idea that the glass globe can bring intimate light onto the table. And don’t think that the pendant lamp always needs to be centred on the dining table. Let your imagination flows.

Lieber Silk USB Socket

One of the best things about starting a home improvement project is finding new ways of making smart choices for our house.

This Lieber USB Switched Socket has a smooth satin white finish delivers both looks and feel at a very competitive price point and includes screw caps for a screwless-like appearance. Practical, elegant, and robust.

Why should you choose these lighting products too?

As already mentioned here, finding electric and lighting products for a new home project is a big part of the home improvement plans. I like to make it easy. And I felt it was quite straightforward and affordable too and find the right quality pieces for different rooms using Elesi.

I just loved the fact they offer different styles and designs on the website. Also, I have received my pieces in safe and well-packed boxes. In right speed time too. Just go for it.

*I received the product complimentary from Elesi for testing purposes

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