How to Decorate Your First Home

Decorating your first home is often the most exciting part of the entire process. You can wander around homeware shops looking for the perfect side table and embrace your inner interior designer.

You can browse for inspiration on Pinterest and test paint samples in a different light.

You might have spent months, or even years, looking at houses for sale in your local area. It’s tempting to get carried away with décor when they finally hand you the keys. But you need to be patient. There’s a lot you need to consider before you can start re-decorating the entire property. Follow this quick guide to decorate your first home.

Don’t rush with colours

Your colour palette is the basis of your interior style. You need to find a few colours that stand out to you and work with the home’s structure. Neutral colours, like white, beige and cream, could cover the majority of the walls and ceilings. Then, you can use one or two accent colours for the accessories and statement walls.

Try to think about the colour of your furniture and the period of the house. Your home may have stunning vintage features, like a stained-glass panel in the front door.

Draw inspiration from these original features, and play around with a few colours. Use paint samples to see how the colours change throughout the day.

Be careful with nails and screws

If you’re not careful, you could cause catastrophic damage to your home by nailing something into the wall. You need to be wary of pipes and electric cables hidden in the walls. A nail could burst the pipe and flood the wall.

Measure things

You need to learn how to measure accurately. It can be difficult to gauge different sizes online. If you’re ordering a piece of furniture, look for the dimensions in the description box and measure it out with newspaper.

Create a newspaper template to see how big the piece will look in the room. You will need to consider these measurements when shopping in-store as well.

Add personal touches

New builds are often finished to a high standard with a modern design. In some cases, you can decide the kitchen, bathroom, and living room design before you move in.

The modern style tends to be minimal, and it can feel a little cold. You need to warm up the space with soft furnishings and colour. You can afford to be adventurous with colour and pattern when your home is already neutral. Add a few personal trinkets, photos and cosy blankets to soften the home.

Take your time making your new house feel like home and finding your personal interior style.

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