Successful Pandemic Stories: How Women Thrive in Small Businesses

The pandemic has been packed with many sad and disheartening stories: businesses closing, industries going bankrupt, people losing their jobs.

But, there are also stories of successful people who thrived during the pandemic. Those were stories of people who struggled on the onset, worked their way around, and found hope despite the difficulties.

And, we are not even talking about huge business successes. Most of them started small to earn a living and meet their daily needs. All they had was creativity, determination, and courage.

And, some of these successful entrepreneurs are brilliant and incredible women.

Women are maximizing their skills and talents

The pandemic has been a roller coaster for both parents. But, it’s been undeniably difficult for mothers. Some had lost their jobs. Others had to work from home while juggling taking care of the kids, overseeing the household, and helping their children with their online classes.

This is why many mothers had to look for creative ways to earn together with their husbands during this crisis.

According to human resource solutions provider Gusto,49% who started new businesses last year were women. This was a significant 27% increase from the previous years.

LA Times reported about women’s Facebook groups whose members increased over the pandemic. These include the Women Business Owners Supporting Women Business Owners group, whose members grew from 1,000 in 2019 to 21,000 this year.

Another Facebook community that had an increase in membership is The Female Entrepreneur Community, which used to have 800 members. Now, they have 45,000 and still counting.

Aside from these, women from all over the world gathered online to educate each other on potential small businesses and ways to earn despite the pandemic. They share tips, refer and recommend possible virtual jobs, and help each other juggle work from home and being a mom.

Their success small business stories include selling homemade recipes to friends, which expands to selling them online and reaching a larger market.

Others resell popular delicacies like sweet Barrio Fiesta Bagoong. Those who are good at cooking open their own small food trucks in their community.

Some banked on their baking skills and sold their cookies and pastries online. Others gathered their old stuff and sold-pre-loved-items to families and friends. Some women who are into crafts sold their paintings, knitted designs, and crochet products, too.

These are just examples of how women used their skills, talents, and creativity during the pandemic, which in turn, became an earning opportunity for them. And most of all, they did not think twice about starting up a small business while most industries were already struggling.

The pandemic could be a good start for businesses

These success stories are commendable, given the difficulties of the pandemic. They thrived because they did not see the situation as a hindrance but rather an opportunity to use their skills and earn while stuck at home.

Forbes listed reasons why it could be a good idea to start a small business in 2021. One primary reason is that during the pandemic, there is less competition. Many businesses are struggling to survive, and it could be a perfect opportunity for you to introduce your own line. There is a bigger chance for your startup business to thrive now that you don’t have a lot of businesses to compete with.

Another good reason to start your own business now, according to Forbes, is that you can reach out to more people. Many consumers are stuck at home and glued to their gadgets. You can easily reach them through social media platforms. Just open up a Facebook or an Instagram page, post your products, and you are good to go.

Aside from these reasons listed by Forbes, it is also a good idea to start your own business now because you don’t need a huge capital to set up your own store. You can bank on your skills and creativity and just take advantage of e-commerce to attract your market.

All you need is effort, hard work, and talent. You can even start by selling goods to your families and friends before introducing them to online consumers. Even putting up your website is not that costly.

These stories of women thriving in small businesses during the pandemic should be an inspiration to many. While many are still struggling as they lost their jobs, it should also encourage people to keep trying and see the good in the bad.

If you have hidden skills and talents, use them to make a living, no matter how small. All businesses started small before they became big. You owe it to yourself to, at least, give it a try.


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