Tips on Cooking with CBD Flower

If you’ve ever wondered about the connection between CBD and human health, then you’ve probably lived on a desert island for the last two decades. Almost everyone you know has heard about this hemp derivative and its vast health benefits. Even science deals with this compound and makes astonishing discoveries about it.

The list of CBD’s health benefits is long. It can relieve pain, nausea, anxiety, severe side effects from medication or alcohol, etc. That is due to the fact that CBD is a mild sedative and analgesic. It has a partial action on the brain receptors handling unpleasant sensations like pain.

The best part about CBD is that it doesn’t have any side effects on the body. So there is no reason why you should not incorporate this healthy alternative into your life. You can opt for various products available on the market. But if you want a real effect of pure CBD, buy hemp flowers and use them to make homemade CBD delicacies.

You can find the list of different hemp products below:

Buy Quality Buds

The best cooking starts with good ingredients. As for CBD flowers, you can buy them in all well-supplied stores, but keep in mind that they can vary in quality. So do your research on strains available in your local store. You might have trouble finding specific buds. But that’s not the case anymore as now you can buy them quickly and more conveniently than before.

People have changed their way of buying hemp buds because the Internet made things a lot easier than a couple of years ago. Today, you don’t have to tour dispensaries and local CBD shops searching for a strain you want. With just a few clicks, you can get the purest hemp flowers with the CBD/THC ratio and terpene profile of your choice.

Proper Storage

When it comes to using CBD flowers, it’s a good and convenient way to enjoy the full potency of cannabidiol. They are an excellent cooking ingredient, but only if you use them in the right way.

One of the concerns is related to storing these buds. If they are not stored properly, they will lose their quality and medicinal benefits within days.

You might buy more than you need, or you won’t use your buds right away. In any case, you will need glass containers to keep your precious buds away from the light, heat, and air. If you run through the directory of web stores, you will see some sellers offer buds in a paper bag.

Don’t keep them in it for a long time. Even though they can be kept tightly wrapped, an opaque glass jar is a much better option.

Most dried flowers are designed to stay fresh for a couple of weeks. But that’s not the case with raw hemp flowers, so you have to dry them first. That will help them stay fresh for a longer period. But you have to be very careful with the drying process, as the heat is one of the main factors that might affect the buds’ quality and medicinal values. If they are exposed to high temperatures, they may go bad very soon.

Decarboxylation Is a Must

Raw hemp buds have a bitter and grassy taste. Besides, CBD molecules are still ‘sleeping’ in them and don’t show full potential. Hence, these hemp goods require short heat processing, which will activate cannabidiol and terpenes to release their flavours. Light heating is all it takes for your buds to show their full potential.

This method is known as decarboxylation, and you can easily do it at home. As it requires a temperature of 225 degrees F, preheat your oven. Chop raw flowers and spread them on a cooking sheet or tray. Avoid fine grinding before baking, as that can lead to an earthy taste. Also, don’t let the buds come into direct contact with the heat source. That can completely ruin CBD molecules and the potency of these flowers.

Hemp flowers should be baked for about an hour or less, depending on the oven. You will know they’re done once they get golden brown. Take the dried buds out of the oven and leave to cool. After a few hours, grind them into a fine powder, and they’re ready to become a part of your food specialty.

Cooking Method Matters

When cooking with CBD flowers, you should also remember one other thing that can affect the taste of the buds. It’s the type of cooking method that you will be using. Proper preparation will provide you with the maximum medicinal benefits possible from this amazing plant.

As CBD flowers are heat-sensitive, they are not intended for slow cooking, deep-frying, or grilling. But you are free to use them for baked goods, salads, raw meals, and sweets, or as a spice for ready-made dishes. Just make sure they are not too hot.

Add Fats

The advice you should by no means skip is to always mix CBD with healthy fats. These compounds help the rapid breakdown and absorption of cannabidiol into the body, thus hastening its action. Plus, foods like avocado, butter, olive, or coconut oil will add extra flavour to your meals.

Cooking with CBD buds doesn’t require a degree in food preparation or anything else. Simply follow these steps until you begin to see results and start enjoying the health benefits that CBD can provide. Consult your doctor and remember that your body should always be your number one guide when taking this natural remedy.

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